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Wale - Bad (ft. Tiara Thomas)

Wale - vocals Tiara Thomas - vocals, co-production Kelson Camp - production, guitar, instrumentation


Unexpected Sounds Vol. 1 is the first installment of a 3 Volume mixtape series that I will be doing (each being a different sound from the previous). Unexpected Sounds Vol. 1 is combination of current mainstream HipHop songs that I compiled into one mixtape showcasing the violin and that it can be just as vocal as a singer are lyricist. The name Unexpected Sounds comes from the idea that when people listen to this mixtape the

Wale Bad

Wale Bad Remix

Wale - Bad

#ThrowbackSty is a mix of a new sound with some of the old millennial hits we love so much. This mix of "Take me back" & "Who is Styron" is sure to have you somewhere with this on repeat or on maternity leave.

Wale - The Girls On Drugs (Bad Royale Remix)

Available August 28th via Atlantic Records Follow Wale: @walefolarin Follow Bad Royale:


You made it here when the piano keys fell, dear lady, Im dreaming of you we want to know why, camera turning have no fear, imma show you how we gonna push come down, here, in a hurry sex in that purple dress and now we in the, smoking room and that's all good my arm going numb man I think we need a recess the glass turned into a bring wall please let me out, you ready to play the game, my friends choose put your h