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شيلة .::لبى صوتك::. علي الكدادي

اتشرف بكم بحسابي السابق

Uhu Schuhu

picture: "Dehferion" by Alexander Jansson

Lisa Gerrard | Come Tenderness (Chris Air's Lost Sunrise Edit) | Free Download

sleepless lost sunrise soulful dreamy closed eyes chris air edit of come tenderness from lisa gerrard

Stink Floyd - Uhu

Taken from "Fish You Were Here" by @stinkcloud out October 16th on Thomorrow. Show Stink your support and donate to his chosen charity 'Community Food Bank of New Jersey' here: Send a screenshot of your donation to and you'll receive a bonus track on the day of release.

-=UHU=- - Leaving behind

-=UHU=- is giving away this track to all of you as a small gratitude for being with us all these years! Download wave file and play it LOUD! UHU records

Magnetar Stems - -=UHU=- subaqueous oscillation re-work

This is remix/re-work to DVS NME track "Magnetar stems" that -=UHU=- did a time ago... I will reveal a little secret to all of you. -=UHU=- made this track on Korg EMX - 1. This is true electro machine...

Late night state of mind

unmastered late night vibes.


Portugal - Viajes De Memoria [disco debut] Track List 1. Donde Debo estar 00:00 2. Rojo Y Gris 03:47 3. Nuestro Momento 06:56 4. Lo Que El Pez Me Contó 11:12 5. Carta Para Un Extraño 15:40 6. Signos Y Síntomas 19:10 7. Santiago 23:39 8. Viajes De Memoria 27:41 9. Uhu 31:03 10. Imagen Recurrente De Un Árbol Que Se Hizo Leña 35:15 11. Receta De Domingo (Versión Sello Azul) 40:55 Portugal Mariano Hernández

007 - ورغم الذي كان

قصيدة.. ورغم الذي كان كتاب: عاشق من العالم الثالث المؤلف: ثامر عدنان شاكر تاريخ الصدور: يناير 2012 الطبعة الأولى دار المناهل الطبعة الثانية: أغسطس 2014 دار مدارك للنشر بصوت: ثامر شاكر @ThamerShaker

In the balance

unmastered late night vibes.

uhu.cast.oO2 by Pawlikowski

uhu.cast.oO2 by Pawlikowski ——————————————————————— „Hippie Space Dance“ ———————————————————— Track ID | Playlist: ————————————————— john cage - part2 - living room music art department - into the dust – No.19 music dean barred - odd story – Limited Records mene – jar – moan tri

MTRON001: -=UHU=- - Never See

Available on 12" vinyl now: Mechatronica > Hardwax > Clone > Juno > Red Eye Records > > > > With a fleshy mix of acid and electro cuts from Sync 24, Privacy, Luke Eargoggle, Etcher and -=UHU=-, Berlin’s longstanding machine-driven music collective, Mechatronica, forcefully unites

Queen Kani

inner city blues. even with sugar it's never dat sweet. cover photo - kfta

Banda Est'outros_*

Primeira gravaçåo da banda Est'outros para a Uhú Produções Independentes.

To all the muthafuckaz' worth fuckin' wit'

to all the homies n' all the homegirls i know, love n respect. 4:20 cover: Milan Ciszewski



erste session mit gitarre und keyboard hammond b3 et al - frank stukofsky voice guitar / charlie strauss keyboards

uhu.cast.oo1 by Jan Raphael k.

uhu.cast.oo1 by Jan Raphael k. (multimedia mix) ——————————————————————————————— Track ID | Playlist: ————————————————— der floh - shmoo - uhu.oo1 josh tree - dampfmaschiene - uhu.oo2 sebastian albrecht - decrease m.magnoli rmx - park recordings drNojoke - wonderwhy m.magnoli rmx - mnmall josh tree - drumZz - uhu.oo2 r


a fashion rap

uhu.cast.oO3 by Alain Rusconi

uhu.cast.oO3 by Alain Rusconi ——————————————————————— Track ID | Playlist: ————————————————— wisardbros. monsta - muCLES wATERs - handall - magnetar - frucht fracktion - majiker - plasma records steven campodonico.iry - bleep job h. bass rmx - doma musique schallmauer - breaker town m. dark rmx - shinocs music carbon & wahrlich - ki

Tanzende Tinte - Snowflake on Dub by Clincker is proud to introduce you to the young talent Anuschka. With the sixth release is showing something extraordinary and completely new, the first multimedial production by Anuschka. Not only that is an honour to share with you, also to release the very first track of the skillfull and gifted artist. Anuschkas experimental and impelling music reminds quite well at the thrilling sounds of Aphex Twin. The rem

*UHU* goes ****HardTechno***

......i love TECHNO, hard-harder-faster !!! HARDbeat to my HEARTbeat !!!!!! Eure TiNiTuS aka juhu*UHU*