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Philosophy Major Turned Venture Capitalist at Initialized Capital Offers Lessons He’s Learned

As a philosophy graduate turned full time investor , Brett Gibson tells Coin Bundle Conversation how his success was not always a Cinderella Story. He opens up about his own mistakes as a founder while stressing the importance of having a business model, valuing relationships and offering key advice on how he chooses projects to invest in. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ma


This is a collection of songs for those I love, those I've loved and lost and a few songs just for fun, enjoy!


Our special guedts for FACT013 are longtime CHIRP favorites NE-H!I The band joined us in our factory studio building to record this exclusive live session, featuting songs from their brand new ablum Offers on Grandy Jury records. The Chicago quartet is made up of Alex Otake on Drums, Jason Balla on Guitar, James Weir on Bass, and Michael Wells on Guitar. This session was recorded on location at the CHIRP studio building by Mik


unpublished tracks....


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Sequel To Still Cippin


Offers /عروض Performed by Shahid NWA Guitar Will Simpson Violin Parissa Zarifi Music Saves The World Production


Composed as a part of The Incomplete Story, inspired by "Everything's an Offer" drawing by Gary Hirsch


This is the first single from our new CD, "OFFERS" is a fun, upbeat song.

A good employer offers more than Botox

Last week, Fortune magazine published its latest survey of the 100 best companies to work for in the US. As I have never worked at any of them I can’t offer first hand corroboration of the rankings – though in 1981 I did try to get a job at Boston Consulting Group (rated number two in the Fortune list), but was rejected after letting slip in an interview that I had no idea what a learning curve was. | Originally publishe

$uicideboy$ - Now I'm Up To My Neck With Offers [Chopped & Screwed] PhiXioN

$uicideboy$ - Now I'm Up To My Neck With Offers [Chopped & Screwed] By SUS PhiXioN Facebook Twitter YouTube Artists soundcloud @g59 Artists Youtube­cqXuzwKw

Jon Holmes offers to fight One Direction fans

Security has had to be increased around the Xfm studio after breakfast show presenter Jon Holmes insulted One Direction and then challenged their fans to a fight.

Michael Ian Black Offers Up 'American Summer' Tidbits and 'Amazing' Tips

The comedian talks about breaking into comedy, sheds a little light on the new Netflix "Wet Hot American Summer" series... and reveals a new development in biotechnology.

Politics Weekly podcast: Ed Miliband offers 'one nation' Labour

Jackie Ashley, Rafael Behr, Michael White and Larry Elliott join Tom Clark to discuss the substance and style of a Labour party conference at which Ed Miliband re-introduced himself to the country Tom ClarkJackie AshleyRafael BehrMichael WhiteLarry ElliottPhil Maynard Oct 02, 2012

Japan's UNICEF House offers visitors a window into the agency's global work

Hear some sounds and meet a tour guide from the interactive exhibit at Japan’s UNICEF House.

Japan's UNICEF House offers visitors a window into the agency's global work

Hear some sounds and meet a tour guide from the interactive exhibit at Japan’s UNICEF House. Apr 14, 2010

Reduced mortgage offers, Invesco leadership and Lloyds capital restructuring

How can pension contributions and student debt affect your mortgage offer? Also in this week's show, FT investment correspondent David Oakley talks about the man taking over at Invesco, and Elaine Moore discusses the impact of Lloyds' restructuring on retail investors

Kenya’s abolition of school fees offers lessons for rest of Africa

UNICEF correspondent Blue Chevigny reports on the views of UNICEF’s Chief of Education, Dr. Cream Wright, on the issue of school-fee abolition. Apr 17, 2006

Weekly Address: President Obama Offers Easter and Passover Greetings (Apr 19, 2014)

In this week’s address, the President offers his warmest greetings as millions of Americans prepare to celebrate Easter, and recounts the Passover Seder he hosted at the White House earlier this week, joining Jewish families around the world in their celebration.

Kenya’s abolition of school fees offers lessons for rest of Africa

UNICEF correspondent Blue Chevigny reports on the views of UNICEF’s Chief of Education, Dr. Cream Wright, on the issue of school-fee abolition.

Weekly Address: President Obama Offers Easter and Passover Greetings (Mar 30, 2013)

President Obama uses his weekly address to mark a sacred time for the millions of Americans celebrating Easter and Passover, and he calls on everyone to use this time to reflect on the common values we share as a nation. The President says that this is a chance to embrace loved ones, give thanks for our blessings, and help those less fortunate as we celebrate our individual traditions as well as the thread of humanity that con

AP 0436: How Do I Provide Offers For My New Podcast?

Today's question comes from Will, who hopes to convince his podcast guests to provide offers for his audience. The problem is that he doesn’t have an audience yet. How should he get started? I share how I would go about finding offers for my podcast audience. Do you have a question about podcasts? Record it at Thanks to today's sponsor, AWeber. Your email list is your most valuable asset—get start

IMF Offers Free Economic Training to All

The International Monetary Fund has launched the first in a series of free online courses for those interested in furthering their economic education. One of the course’s instructors explains the benefits of raising the public’s knowledge about economics, and what he himself has learned from the creation of the course.

Sponsor: Audible offers a free audiobook download at

Audible is offering listeners of the Economist a free audiobook download and free 30-day trial of the AudibleListener Gold membership at This Week Audible recommends Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story. Listen as author Greg Smith recounts the events leading up to the firestorm that resulted when he exposed the true mentality of Wall Street’s most powerful firm, or Unusual People Do T

Oscars goodie bag offers a lift, while Hail Caesar! falls – the Dailies film podcast

The Guardian film team’s round-up of today’s movie news

2014 Environmental Performance Index Offers Global Scorecard

The 2014 Environmental Index ranks countries on high-priority environmental concerns, including air quality, water management, and climate change. The Index, which includes 178 countries, reveals that the world is doing well on improving drinking water and sanitation. Progress in these categories tracks the concerted pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals, which have clear targets, strategies, and metrics for assessment

Dr. Jana Gallus offers up an award

Phalerist Dr. Jana Gallus explains she'd give an award this year to her parents' neighbor, who has been helping and housing Syrian refugees.

Simon Doonan Offers Etiquette Asylum - The Dinner Party Download From making displays for Barneys New York store windows to being their Creative-Ambassador-at-Large – not to mention an author, television personality, global gadfly, and half of the reigning power couple in American retail – Simon Doonan has flown up the ranks of the fashion world and loved every kooky minute of it. In his newest book, “The Asyl

hørd - Teen Offers (MONDOWSKI remix)


Exclusive single from Yung Satan's upcoming "Nite" EP, available soon at MODMUSIC.CO! @YUNGSATAN

The Juice Podcast: Melanie Fiona Talks 'Awake' Album, New 'Killing Time' Song & Offers Love Advice

Melanie Fiona stopped by Billboard's NYC office on Thursday, May 14, to preview new music from her third album, "Awake," and guest on The Juice podcast. While appearing on the 43rd episode of The Juice podcast, Fiona breaks down the meaning behind the album title, standout track, "Killing Time," and plays therapist to Billboard's Erika Ramirez's podcast co-host Nile "LowKey" Ivey.

Stephen Dubner Offers to Retrain Your Brain

Half of the bestselling "Freakonomics" duo joins us to apply behavioral economics to awkward behaviors.

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Jack Daniel - Original

Our original track 'Jack Daniel'

Nerdwax Turned Down 2 Shark Tank Offers and Still Built a Million Dollar Business

Don Hejny is the creator of Nerdwax, a beeswax-based blend of all natural and certified organic ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place on your nose. In this episode you’ll learn how (and why) he turned down 2 offers after appearing on Shark Tank to go on to build a million dollar business. In this episode, we discuss: —How to finally take action on your business or product idea —How to reverse

Episode 62: When a Tranny Offers You a Plate of Blow...

What would you do? Tune in to hear just how the Round Table would handle (and did handle) the situation, plus a kid gets shot in the stomach with a crossbow and grandfather abuses his grandchildren, and not sexually, for once. Don't be surprised what Jackie thinks about it. And we've got a hell of a stable of guests this week, as Mark Normand, Seena Jon, Pat Dixon, and Victor Varnado join us in the office!