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En Route Pour La 3ème Vague. Que Du lourd ... Hooli - Mercenaire - Sparow - Catinayah CrakenWood - Lyrix Raifle - Ed Style - Coockie Creeps - Don Di Ogb - Titis - Kronik Foxy Miller - Original Pirates - Dogside Music - TMg - Ntk Musik grrrrrrrrrr ça Maaaaaaaaaddddd #HotTemperature

Kaaris Or Noir Part 2 Mix By Deejay Rastine Ntk Musik 2014

Bien Sur Ntk Musik Ce Permet Le Droit De La sélèction Des Meilleures Titres de l'album.. OR NOIR PRE COMMANDE


Ike Yard - Night Klub [NTK012]

“Dreams go by opposites I was once told.” - Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange Ike Yard recombine their music looking across decades of post punk, electronic, soundtracks and come out with some of their best yet and enough to last the next 20-30 years (in Ike Yard´s very own words). Originally founded in 1979 New York City, members Michael Diekmann (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Kenneth Compton (programming drums, synths a

F5 Mic Shootout #1 - Rode NTK vs. Telefunken AK-47

Rode NTK Tube Microphone vs. Telefunken AK-47 Tube Microphone. *Instrument: Cedar-top acoustic guitar *Preamps: Vintech Dual 72

NTK -Somos Um Só

Primeiro de muitos raps, começa pelo romance e acaba na destruição...

Trap Dog Session Vol.2 By Deejay Rastine [Ntk Musik Prod]

En Route Pour La 2eme Session.... Décollage Iminent Hooli - Lyrix - Mercenaire - Titis - Raiflé - Zone Sd - Kenson - Migos - Shine - Bruce Little - Dmg - Thug Music Da Pix - Thug Fa - Sourx - Grrrrrrrrrrr Trap Da Street Neggers

Đã Từng - Nicky x City x N.T.K

Nicky: I never love so hard like that As much as like the water in the ocean You know that I think that you love me the same way like i did But i never feel so bad Because the way you leave me back You know You know that I love you and you broke my heart like... City; 14/2 hàng năm là ngày của các cặp tình nhân Họ ra đường tay trong tay anh năm nay lại vác cặp bình chân Anh vẫn còn nhớ ngày nào


Baby Cham - Ex Hard Class Riddim 2015 [Ntk Musik King Prod ]

Zanias - Follow The Body In Eternal Return (Dax J Remix) [NTK011]

Every cell is telling me, ‘run’...but what would I be to you then? – Zanias’ lyrics Best remixes happen when the initiative comes from the very own remixer, instead of by commission. This denotes admiration and respect to the original artist, as well as a necessity to provide your own vision to an already consolidated work. Berghain´s resident Kobosil delivers strong dancefloor instances blending his unique underst

Warm up Get In Step w/ Mind Vortex, A.M.C, Telekinesis, L Plus, Zorel

Tracklist : 1. Sub Focus - Rock It 2. Sigma - Rudeboy 3. Tantrum Desire - Shuffle 4. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Come Alive (VIP Mix) 5. TC - Everything For A Reason 6. Hidden Orchestra - Vorka (Dc Breaks Remix) 7. Culture Shock - Raindrops 8. Dimension - Pull Me Under 9. 1991 - Dim Sum 10. Fred V & Grafix - Stay Here 11. Skream - You Know, Right? (1991 Bootleg) 12. Nymfo - Big Air 13. Keeno - Enigma 14. Melano - Don't Fight

Say Yeah (NTK remix)

Put wiz khalifa on this beat and i like it hope you do too Put on the Sub woofer!

NTK - Get Up


Say Yeah! Ntk Remix

december 3nd


the story about love & war ntk, memories 2018


the story about love & war ntk, memories 2018

السورة التي شيبت الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم - الشيخ عبدالحميد كشك

السورة التي شيبت الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم - الشيخ عبدالحميد كشك

the light

the story about love & war ntk, memories 2018

mind games

the story about love & war ntk, memories 2018

علي عبدالكريم - انا البارحة ما امسيت (جلسة استديو)

الفنان: علي عبدالكريم اغنية: انا البارحه ماامسيت كلمات: مشعان الحقباني الحان: صالح السيد


the story about love & war ntk, memories 2018

Jump Up Warriors - 2 BASH B DAY (26/10/16)

First set at the batofar for Creammix x Jump Up Warrios 👌🏼 Tracklist : 1. Deadmau5 - Avarita (Dimension bootleg) 2. John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix) 3. Delta Heavy - White Flag VIP 4. 2dB - Quaalude 5. Netsky - Eyes Closed 6. David Zowie - House Every Weekend (Loadstar Remix) 7. Tantrum Desire - Sea Breeze 8. Kove - El Camino 9. Delta Heavy - Event Horizon 10. Wilkinson - Take You Higher 11. Smooth - Let It Roll

Great gig

another demo beat


kinda dubstep song i made a little ago. enjoy!

Breathe And Stop Remix

december 3nd

Party life dubstep

dubstep with party life sample

Radio needs this

piano, snares, and 808's love em