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Hey there, I have decided there is not enough shootouts of any quality online of carious products. And thought I'd start shooting out my gear and posting it online for people to hear. We can all talk about our gear, now lets HEAR it!




Spot zum Tag der offenen Tür am NTK Samstag, 10. November 2012 von 10.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr





Zanias - Follow The Body In Eternal Return (Dax J Remix) [NTK011]

Every cell is telling me, ‘run’...but what would I be to you then? – Zanias’ lyrics Best remixes happen when the initiative comes from the very own remixer, instead of by commission. This denotes admiration and respect to the original artist, as well as a necessity to provide your own vision to an already consolidated work. Berghain´s resident Kobosil delivers strong dancefloor instances blending his unique underst

Break The Dragnet

TOKYO style "NOMIKAI" song.

La Serena (Break Flip)

Sampling from "La Serena - ORF Big Band" Artwork by Masaaki Takesue as Shin-Show (Natural Function)

Tip On The Breaks

Tip on the breaks. This is not "DJ Mix". This is "SP-404SX Mix". Consist only of the beats I made. Artwork by Masaaki Takesue as ShinShow (Natural Function) Footwork by Yota Hirayama as 陸上 (2nd place jam)


En Route Pour La 3ème Vague. Que Du lourd ... Hooli - Mercenaire - Sparow - Catinayah CrakenWood - Lyrix Raifle - Ed Style - Coockie Creeps - Don Di Ogb - Titis - Kronik Foxy Miller - Original Pirates - Dogside Music - TMg - Ntk Musik grrrrrrrrrr ça Maaaaaaaaaddddd #HotTemperature

Yes, It's Wild!

Sampling from "Wild Safari - Traks"

Kaaris Or Noir Part 2 Mix By Deejay Rastine Ntk Musik 2014

Bien Sur Ntk Musik Ce Permet Le Droit De La sélèction Des Meilleures Titres de l'album.. OR NOIR PRE COMMANDE

Flippin' Jack

Sampling from "Fencewalk- Mandrill" and "Found a Child - Ballin' Jack"

NTK EXCLUSIVE | "SaVon Slater x Devvon Terrell" Interview

SaVon sits down with the unofficial official 4th host of the podcast, Devvon Terrell. In this one on one interview, Devvon opens up about his hopes for mainstream success and his song covers that've garnered over millions of views. They also discuss the current state of R&B, his history with Melii, debate if the Grammy's are validation for new artist, and much more! They lied when they said you never see these two guys in the

NTK YouTube EXCLUSIVE | "SaVon Slater x Regina Cho Interview"

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: SaVon has the chance to sit down with one of Hip Hop's rising journalist, Regina Cho. She discusses her journey that has allowed her to interview Rihanna, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and other superstars in music. SaVon also highlights the lost art of writing in media and her experience writing for media GIANTS, such as: Billboard, Complex, Genius and MORE! Like, comment and SUBSCRIBE fo

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (NTK Remix)

Bootleg Remix. Beat by NTK (Sampling from "琉球民謡による組曲 - 邦楽4人の会") Scratch by Lick from kuragaly production

Ike Yard - Night Klub [NTK012]

“Dreams go by opposites I was once told.” - Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange Ike Yard recombine their music looking across decades of post punk, electronic, soundtracks and come out with some of their best yet and enough to last the next 20-30 years (in Ike Yard´s very own words). Originally founded in 1979 New York City, members Michael Diekmann (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Kenneth Compton (programming drums, synths a

F5 Mic Shootout #1 - Rode NTK vs. Telefunken AK-47

Rode NTK Tube Microphone vs. Telefunken AK-47 Tube Microphone. *Instrument: Cedar-top acoustic guitar *Preamps: Vintech Dual 72

Shing02 - Luv (sic) Part3 (NTK Remix)

Bootleg remix. Sampling from "Sol's Song - Trygve Seim"



This is so yabatanien.

Trap Dog Session Vol.2 By Deejay Rastine [Ntk Musik Prod]

En Route Pour La 2eme Session.... Décollage Iminent Hooli - Lyrix - Mercenaire - Titis - Raiflé - Zone Sd - Kenson - Migos - Shine - Bruce Little - Dmg - Thug Music Da Pix - Thug Fa - Sourx - Grrrrrrrrrrr Trap Da Street Neggers

Pitch Black - Show & Prove (rmx)

Bootleg remix. Sampling from "Alice Coltrane - Spiritual Eternal"


Baby Cham - Ex Hard Class Riddim 2015 [Ntk Musik King Prod ]

NTK -Somos Um Só

Primeiro de muitos raps, começa pelo romance e acaba na destruição...

NAS - Rewind (NTK Remix)

Bootleg Remix. Sampling from "Hello Nardo - Bob James"

Ovation | Feat. Dayrion

Bedrock Productions

Selecta Rastine Maad Oldies Vol.2

Encore Plus Bad Ke le Vol.1 Ecoute Jusk'a La Fin !! Décoiffant !!

Street Smartz - Problemz (rmx) feat. Flat Stanley

Bootleg remix. Sampling from "Odd and Blue - Laurent de Wilde" Shout out to Flat Stanley from Condina Records LA.

Common - Come Close (NTK Remix)

Bootleg remix. Sampling from "Arise, Her Eyes - Gary Burton & Chick Corea"

The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin (NTK Remix)

Bootleg Remix Sampling from "Stardust - Art Tatum"

Be Right Here | Dayrion Feat. NTK

'Be Right Here' - Dayrion Feat. NTK Produced by Nate Kleckner

Warm up Get In Step w/ Mind Vortex, A.M.C, Telekinesis, L Plus, Zorel

Tracklist : 1. Sub Focus - Rock It 2. Sigma - Rudeboy 3. Tantrum Desire - Shuffle 4. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Come Alive (VIP Mix) 5. TC - Everything For A Reason 6. Hidden Orchestra - Vorka (Dc Breaks Remix) 7. Culture Shock - Raindrops 8. Dimension - Pull Me Under 9. 1991 - Dim Sum 10. Fred V & Grafix - Stay Here 11. Skream - You Know, Right? (1991 Bootleg) 12. Nymfo - Big Air 13. Keeno - Enigma 14. Melano - Don't Fight