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Its a remake of a Rabindra Sangeet, Remake sung by Somalata. And now I have tried it. :)


Ananya Singing Mayabono Biharini Harini

Mayabono Biharini Horini ("Bedroom" - Movie)

Song from the Bengali movie "Bedroom"

Mayabono Biharini Horini -Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury

Lyric: মায়াবন বিহারিনী মায়াবন বিহারীনি হরিনী গহন স্বপন সঞ্চারীনি কেন তারে ধরিবারে করি পণ- অকারণ মায়াবন বিহারীনি 'থাক থাক নিজ মনে দূরেতে আমি শুধু বাসরীর সুরেতে' পরশ

Mayabono Biharini (

It is a featured playlist of BDalbum. Songs are collected from different sources. It is my ultimate Rabindra sangeet list. For more info, more songs and another list, visit this link

Mayabono Biharini-Minhaj Shifat Feat. Munia

Mayabono Biharini (Robindro songit)-Minhaj Shifat Feat. Munia

Bedroom feat. Somlata - Mayabono Biharini (Avitronic's Fantasy Signal Edit)

Hi.. This is a nice remake.. of a very popular Rabindra sangeet.. put in power house..trance tune.. This is just a beta copy of the track.. Hope you guys like the twist.. Also credits go to Somlata and Bedroom - The movie, as its a part of its soundtrack..

Mayabono Biharini Live Cover

A small attempt to Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore's Song with 12 Fret's Touch

Mayabono Biharini

মায়াবনবিহারিণী হরিণী গহনস্বপনসঞ্চারিণী, কেন তারে ধরিবারে করি পণ অকারণ। থাক্‌ থাক্‌, নিজ-মনে দূরেতে, আমি শুধু বাঁশরির সুরেতে পরশ করিব ওর প্রাণমন অকারণ॥ চমকিবে ফা

Mayabono Biharini v1.0


Mayabono Biharini Horini

3rd song recorded in Bangladesh Radio, Rangamati

Mayabono Biharini Horini

Instrumental music of a song originally composed and written by the poet Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore) (1861 - 1941). It is possibly more than a century old song. English Transliteration of the Bangla lyric Mayabono Biharini Horini Gohono Shopono Shoncharini Keno Tarey Dhoribarey Kori Pon Okaron Mayabono Biharini Thaak Thaak Nijo Money Duretey Ami Shudhu Bashoriro Shuretey Porosho Koribo Orey Prano Mon Okaron

Mayabono Biharini Ami Noi by Diya Chakraborty

12 year old visually impaired vocal virtuoso Diya Chakraborty sings cover version of super hit Bangla song "Mayabono Biharini Ami Noi" originally sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

MAYABONO BIHARINI ( rabindra sangit ) .mp3

***** MAKE SOME NOISE *****

Mayabono Biharini

Subrata Shuvo and Priyanka

Mayabono Biharini

beautiful song

Mayabono Biharini-Bedroom

My first try to another language song. Bengali, the most sweetest language. A famous song from movie Bedroom. Hope will get good response.

Mayabono Biharini Horini (medlley Oh! Susanna) - Gourab Das (Harmonica)

Mayabono BIharini Horini: Rabindra Sangeet (written & composed by Rabindranath Thakur), written in the year 1934, part of Dance Drama "SHYAMA" medley "Oh! Susanna", a Minstrel Song by Stephen Fioster INFORMAL PRIVATE RECORDING Find the HD video of this score at YoutTube: More Audios, Videos & Press Releases at:

Mayabono Biharini_Tagore

Tagore Vision - A Unique, Experimental & contemporary Rabindra Sangeet album by Papan-Tito @ Syncinc. Vocals by Shibani

Mayabono Biharini - Cover - Nabiha

Track: Mayabono Biharini Vocal: Nabiha Guitar: Shihab Experimental Cover