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Nothing Left 2 Do (Get This Money)

Oldie but goodie, maybe 4 or 5 years. Recorded by the mastermind Write Beat of Indie Penned Entertainment. Produced by InstrumentallySick.

Tongue Ring (2003)

I'm puttin my whole life on the internet by puttin this up. Ol girl hears this, she's gonna flip, lol. But it's OK, some might enjoy, some might laugh, but this is what it is, me years ago. Raw material.

the hum

un pequeño track tuve uno errores en las mezcla ya que se me travaba pero pues ahi esta mas o menos

ready session- axel mateu #1

pequeño set espero les guste y lo disfruten en el min 36:30 tuve problemitas igual saludos y difruten ;)

Livin To Die (Prod. by Level)

Don't worry, I don't only make "real life" music. I'll hit y'all with the happy stuff in a bit. This song was made when I took a good look around me and saw the world in it's ugly beauty.

Lullaby (Freestyle)

Gotta do some homework, can't remember the year or producer of this track. But, it's a rough draft of a song I would like to finish.

I'ma Get Paid

This was meant to have my brutha Nola Nate on it, but I didn't realize how short the beat was and he disappeared anyway! Ladies and gentlemen, a friendly reminder, please try to remember that all tracks that are posted here are copyright and also rough draft. Anything I post on this page is an idea for a song unless I specify that it was recorded in the studio and/or mastered. Enjoy and get yo moola to this!

Gettin Dat Cream feat. Santana (Gutta) & Nola Nate

Reppin the NOLA!!!! RIP Santana

Watch Me (Prod. By JII)

Not much to be said bout this one but enjoy. I know you'll like it. Made it somewhat sound like a live performance, lol. Comment and like if you would like to hear this finished in the studio.

session EDM 1

session con edm disfruten y conpartan

Supernatural Mystic [Instrumental] (Prod. by JII)

So, I was drivin Afrojack to his first appearance at Space and couldn't believe what I was doing. Immediately started working on this when I got home the next day at 1pm.


Took a song I had recorded three verses on five years ago, added a chorus and some adlibs. It's like young me feat. me...

epic party

un pequeño set de musica que habra en la epic y vean de que se tratara y que habra

The Role

Skimmin through beats in my hard drive and came upon something different, produced by Chase N. Cashe. Whipped this up for your ears. Enjoy.

He's Against Me Freestyle

"Sometimes it feels like they both against me". Don't judge the title, just listen! Coming from deep in my heart and the top of my head! Enjoy!

session #2

este es el segundo mix set que hago espero les guste apenas empezando vamos para arriva saludos DJ4ACH3

Where's This Going? [Prod. by JII]

Playin around with Garageband. Didn't know where the fuck I was goin with it, lol.

SnapOUTofit (GOdance) [prod. By JII]

Something I brewed up the other night. Slowly but surely learning how to produce this type of music. Enjoy!

Set 0.1

compartan gracias a los que me siguen <3