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تصنیف ایران آهنگ: علی قمصری آواز: همایون شجریان کلام: حسین فرهنگ‌مهر

Mohsen Yeganeh - Dooset Daram

Alireza :: Iran Music


Amir Tataloo - Iran , Arrangement: Amir D-VA

Cher - Believe (New Version)

Listen & Download to 'Believe' (New Version) by Cher (Feat. Alireza Ayazian) on Iran Music ! FB :


* Vocal : S. Sepehri * Composer : Shahed Alizadeh * Performer : * Tar, Tar Bass : Shahed Alizadeh * Kamancheh, Kamancheh Alto : Sina Alam * Tombak : Sepideh Shayan * Cover Design : Azadeh Shayan, Nima Rahbar * Lyrics : Roozbeh Bemani, Ferdowsi * Produced in Navid Rahbar's Studio [] * Special Thanks to : * Nazli bakhshayesh * Nima Djozi * Sepideh Shayan * Padideh Ahrar Nezhad


there are voices they compel me to say yeah of course i wanna go free im surrounded if only what id lose far removed the right to stay happy? there are choices to continue this way its impossible for me im so grounded n lonely so would i do harm to you so you can stay? gladly


This track is from the album The Voice and is available for purchase on CD Baby here:


ғaнrenнeiт a distilled investigation of a single topic delivered to the listener through a rapid, musical immersive experience. each topic is broken down: -the history -the low down -the final angle each topic is carefully selected from the realms of technology business or politics Join in the ғaнrenнeiт campaign for a new tool to discover, reflect and excel.


Lyrics : Abdoljabbar Kakaee Arrangement : Elias Shirzad Vocal : Ali Ashabi

Ibrahim Tatlises - Haydi Soyle (HQ)

Listen & Download to 'Haydi Soyle' by Ibrahim Tatlises on Iran Music


This track is from the album Seven Stars and is available for purchase on CD Baby here:


Iran #1 State Sponsor Of Terrorism: Hamas Thanks Iran For Giving Them Weapons To Kill Jews In Israel


Taken from the album 'The pretty girls avoid me'


Based on National Anthem 'Ey Iran' by Rouhullah Khaleghi. Inspired by Folklore and traditional music of his hometown Iran, Safa Shahidi has composed several pieces for piano solo and two pianos which performed by himself at his concerts. You can find in his works oriental intervals, rhythms and melodies conveyed within the framework of Western classical music which creates a blend of sounds bringing East and West culture toge


Earthquake in Azerbaijan, Iran. August 11 2012

Grupo Miramar

Aquel Inmenso Amor, Pobresa Fatal y mas...


02/02/2019 - CHiLL (04/20/19)Hopefully.


با صدای مازیار


Pastilla para la fiebre mundialista. Todos te van a hablar de los jugadores de Iran. Que el 9 no es tan malo, que el 8 juega en España. Todos van a parecer especialistas… Pero ¿qué tal si mejor vos tenés algo distinto para contar de ellos? Musica de Iran, escuchála!


Record,Mix,Mastering : 3F Music Artist : Shervin Release Date : 2010


Preproduction, new material, No Vox


Ye kare eterazi ke mokhatabe kar iran va khodam hastam