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Help! (Beatles)

Lyrics: Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Help! You know I need someone Help! (When) When I was younger (When I was young) so much younger than today (I never need) I never needed anybody's help in any way (Now) But now these days are gone (These days are gone) and I'm not so self assured (And now I find) Now I find I've changed my mind, I've opened up the doors Help me if you can, I'm feeling down And I do appr

Help - beatles

Brincadeira com o multitrack do audacity

Help (Beatles)

A rough little version of The Beatles mega classic "Help".

Help (Beatles)

Help (The Beatles) - Piano

Help - Beatles

Depois de tanto tempo, primeiro show em monte verde.

Help - Beatles

Cd promocional com musicas populares e a prévia da autoral "A voz".

Help - Beatles

Gig we played at Sunshine Studios in Santos ^-^

The Beatles - Help! (Performed by The Bits European Beatles Supergroup)

This song is a tribute to The Beatles and the 50th anniversary of the release of the HELP! LP. The song is performed by The Bits - European Beatles Supergroup ( The recording was made in 2015. Further links:

Help - The Beatles (Acapella)

An acapella cover version of the song Help, originally by the Beatles. There is a video available on YouTube showing all the parts being performed (except one small section I think)

Weaves - Help (Beatles Cover)

Weaves On Tour: 08/09 Columbia, MO, Café Berlin 08/10 Dallas, TX, Three Links 08/12 Phoenix, AZ, Rebel Lounge   08/13 Los Angeles, CA, The Echo   08/15 Seattle, WA, Barboza 08/16 Vancouver, BC, Biltmore Cabaret  08/18 Calgary, AB, Palomino 08/19 Saskatoon, SK, Vangelis Tavern 08/20 Winnipeg, MB, Rainbow Trout Music Festival  08/21 Minneapolis, MN, 7th Street Entry 08/22 Chicago, IL, Schubas  08/24 New York, NY, Mercury L

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles Cover)

Recorded on Christmas Day 2009. Released on Christmas Day 2010.

Help (live)

Written by Lennon/ McCartney. Recorded live in Genthin on November 8th 2013.

The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends

Cover of "With A Little Help From My Friends" (The Beatles)

Help! (Beatles cover)

Help - Beatles Cover

Just a quick acoustic recording at Max's for fun. Shira Rossiter - vocals Max Wilson - guitar

The Shout - Help (The Beatles)

Piotr Sopel - wokal, gitara Tomasz Piekarski - gitara, wokal Paweł Klimczak - gitara basowa, wokal Bartosz Rokosz - perkusja

Mix : Help - Beatles / Alphonse x Yohan

Petit mixage d'une reprise des Beatles réalisé par le binôme Alphonse Armand et Yohan Boisgontier.

With a Little Help from My Friends (The Beatles cover)

something we did for Jak FM Beatles Day. Jakarta-Indonesia. 2012

Help (Beatles cover - live from the bedroom - 2012)

Compilation de divers morceaux nonchalamment enregistrés à l'heure du thé, dans diverses chambres étudiantes au sud de Paris avec une guitare en beurre et un brave dictaphone bien vaillant. Point de vocodeurs ni de logiciels complexes, veuillez excuser les bloopers occasionnels...

Help! Beatles Cover

Playing with harmonies.

Help (Beatles Tribute Soundcheck)

This is my solo voice and guitar rendition of "HELP" captured during the sound check of the recent solo voice and guitar Tribute to the Beatles concert at Esplanade Singapore. Like many who grew up with and regard music as more than casual unconditional entertainment , I've always treasured the Beatles with the highest regards. Their musical, artistic social and cultural legacy has since the 60's survived the subsequent dec


Banda Sleepwalkers tocando Ao Vivo sucesso dos Beatles - Help!

HELP (Beatles Cover)

From our first studio CD

Help! - Beatles Cover

brincando com três vozes,versão refeita.

Help (Beatles song, my very rough a cappella singing)

Having just made up a song called "help," it reminded me of this song, and one thing led to another. I struggle with some parts of it but that's okay.

With A Little Help-Beatles cover

Our take on a classic Beatles song. Joe and Jordan- some harmonizing fools!

Help (Beatles Cover.... Kind of)

Help! A spontaneous song a bout the Holy Spirit being a helper taken from John 14:16. I'm sure anyone other than me could do wonders more with the lyrics and musically so treat this song as a gift for a real musician to get creative with.

Help (beatles cover)

This is one of my first times recording music back in 2008! I didn't had an electric guitar (the electric sound is actually acoustic guitar with posterior distortion on mixcraft!), and the bass and drums were adapted in guitar pro 5! Every thing was recorded with an digital recorder from Olympus! Sounds awful but I like the final result! :)