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Dragnet Theme

Produced by "Origin of pieces"

Dragnet Theme

Enjoy Dargnet Theme as your ringtone:

Dragnet theme (FREE ringtone/jingle)

Made this for a friend, thought I'd share it with ALL of you! click the DL button to get this catchy tune/ringtone/jingle for FREE!

Oy, A Dragnet?

That time when you don't know where to begin so you start with the Dragnet theme but in the wrong key and somehow it turns into a full-tilt klezmer race to the finish...

KBOO: Facebook Dragnet

Produced to promote Facebook Likes for KBOO Community Radio in 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Performed and written by Karen Green, Noah Madrano, and Erin Yanke [Music: "Dragnet Theme' composed by Walter Schumann]

The Me Too Dragnet Edition

It's the Me Too Dragnet Edition as we discussed reaction to the Bill Cosby sentencing. Plus, more from the Kavanaugh confirmations...... "Got a Need (Not Enough)" - the official S2T theme song, "Feeling Right" "All My Nights (All My Money)" , and "Lost Angels" - The music for the main course - produced by Ryen David. Check em out at Music for The Comment Section and Middle Aged Dating in the new


What's up Hanks Heads!? On this episode of Talkin' Tom, join Josie and Daniel as they team up to watch DRAGNET, the 1987 Buddy Cop Comedy starring Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks. Will this one hold up to Daniel's criticism? Will Josie be enchanted by the playful detective Tom? And will this finally be the movie that Josie and Daniel disagree on? Stay tuned to find out! Plus, a new edition of "Hanks Happenings", "Guess the Plot" an

Big Dragnet

Cool track with trumpets and lofi guitar. My take on the Dragnet TV-series theme music.

Dun du run dun

The song parodied is the Dragnet Theme, thank you reddit!!

Sharon Tate "The Hive Is Alive"

the Dragnet theme song beaten with a grimey 2x4 and left for dead

Stahlnetz Beat

Work in Progress! Just a litte Dragnet Theme Remix Stahlnetz Theme Remix


Beats by Esseks (Sam Eckstein) FREE DOWNLOAD Tracklist: Psymbionic - Airhead (Esseks Remix) Cloned w/ Wiley "Step 20" acapella Lvl Down NOIL ft. Space Jesus Operation Prim Jank Dragnet Raw Offices No Control The Upside Down Groping the Dark Off Kilter No Filter Duncan Trussell Theme (Esseks Remix) Broken Too High Hangmail Buku - Laughtrack (Esseks Remix) Distractions WIP Wiley - Mental (Esseks Remix) Known To Rock Ego Altar

Brush With The Law

the Unseen-Police Brutality SSD-Police Beat MDC-I Remember Plastmatics-A Pig is A Pig DK-Police Truck Bad Brains- Regulator Black Flag-Police Story Dragnet Theme

My Name's Friday.

Track I made over the last couple of days. Samples the theme song to "Dragnet" and Rage Against the Machine's "People of the Sun". Mostly finished, but still a little rough.

HEROES (Grade 3)

"Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copland Theme from "Law and Order" by Mike Post Theme from "Dragnet" by Walter Shumann "The Jazz Police" by Gordon Goodwin "An American Elegy" by Frank Ticheli "Patriotic Medley" To purchase this production or to learn more about the composer, please visit

Episode 5: Grim Mess & Chess

Porscha and Lisa keep slaying (…not bodies) but get serially serious. Profiling the Los Angeles-based Grim Sleeper (and his controversial capture using a familial DNA dragnet) and Russia’s Chessboard Killer. At lighter moments, Porscha discusses her fascination with Doris Payne, and Lisa reveals the childhood catalyst of her macabre interests. Theme: Serial (and Possible Serial) Crimes.

Vinyl Grab-Bag (Jan 2019)

A brand new episode of VHS Tracking Radio, a movie soundtrack show broadcasting out of Perth, Western Australia. This is a short one, but is a fun mix of film scores and songs - all vinyl, a real grab-bag of random choices. Enjoy! TRACKLIST: 1. Marvin Gaye - 'Don't Mess With Mr. T' (from Trouble Man) 2. Ennio Morricone - 'La donna invisibile' (from La Donna Invisibile) 3. Angelo Badalamenti (with Julee Cruise) - 'Questions I

Tim Gunn on His FBI Agent Father

"My father was J. Edgar Hoover's speechwriter...I was not the son he wanted to have." ~ Tim Gunn There's something special about family history. Legends. Secrets. A family is a remarkable story. So we were pretty excited to hear what Danielle Sacks of Fast Company magazine heard when she interviewed Tim Gunn. During the conversation about Gunn's latest business venture, he took a turn. He talked about his dad. His father was

TV Guidance Counselor Episode 149: Brian Gordon

September 9-15, 1978 FALL PREVIEW ALERT! Today Ken welcomes artist and former comedian Brian Gordon to the show. Ken and Brian discuss how long its been since they've seen each other, pneumatic tubes, temp jobs, ADHD, Brockton, Baseball, how crowd work skills can help communicate with people with autism, Ted Williams' frozen head, Ed Gein, The Cutting Edge, collecting artifacts, Maura Kelly replacing Lara Flynn Boyle, Twin P

Come Get Her (prod. Fiori DS)

Back after a break for r/makinghiphop's cypher volume 50 (2018); theme was "innocence". Instrumental by Fiori DS ( Lyrics: She was a young thing, a dumb thing. A little punk, litter runt, Withered. ‘Fore she was a rum-swiller, fucking gun-slinger. Come get her. Feed her lunch, dinner, then have fun with her. Don’t forget to clean her up once you’re done with her. Much th

TV Guidance Counselor Episode 269: Josh Caterer (The Smoking Popes)

October 20-26, 1979 Today Ken welcomes musician Josh Caterer (The Smoking Popes, Duval) to the show. Ken and Josh discuss early afternoon punk rock matinees, WKRP in Cincinnati, shows evolving past their pilot episodes, gay characters on television, Barney Miller, The NEW WKRP, Hugh Wilson, The Famous Teddy Z, Bait and Switch, KISS, The Clash, Andy Capp, loving substance abusers, Cheers, anti-authoritarians, punk rock on TV,

Audio Drama - COLUMBO, "Death Lends a Hand"

When a private investigator threatens to tell a woman's husband about her extramarital affair - she counters saying she's going to tell him first, and she's also going to expose the private investigator's blackmail scheme. The following morning LAPD Detective Columbo is called to investigate a dead body found in a Sylmar wrecking yard. __________________________ COLUMBO: “Death Lends A Hand” - Season 1 - Episode 2 Fir

The Weekender Mix 25 - The Journey Home – Part 1

It was a great weekend and now we’ve got the long journey home – leave the tunes to us… When you’ve pulled out as many records for this collection as we have, there was always gonna be a few mop-up mixes, and mix twenty-five is the first of a 3 mix mini-series of tracks that have their place in our retrospective journey. Things kick off with a little Techno sequence made up on of tracks you’ll know and some you won


Thanks for checking out '72 mix 2', the sequel to 72, the group mashup project created by members of Each 'masher' had 72 hours to add to the mix and pass it on. Intro: Kai Spiritualized - 100 Bars THX Intro Beyonce ft. Jay Z - Crazy In Love Blur - Song 2 The Simpsons - People Who Look Like Things Pitbull ft. DJ Laz - Move Shake Drop (Remix) Monty Python soundbite Mark Ryder's Grolsc

Ep 12: Home for the Holidays with Doctor/Detective Momma B

Holiday Bonus Episode! There are so many ways that family gatherings can stress us out—whether it’s what your family expects of you, what you expect of them, what might be said (or unsaid, or yelled…) at the dinner table, or even just seeing certain family members. Momma B is here with her motherly mental health advice to help you improve your holiday cheer. And get ready for our goofiest episode yet as Momma B & Rebecca