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*FREE DOWNLOAD* *FREE DOWNLOAD* I was listening to the radio today and heard this awesome song by a artist i had never heard of, Dotan. I thaught this song is so good, so i wanted to make an Edit/Flip for it. This is the result, free download ofcourse. I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY IT. ( i do not own the rights of this song, just showing some love and dedication ) 2018!

Dotan - Home [Cat Carpenters Official Remix]

Cat Carpenters Official Remix

Dotan_Home ( Elee Bermudez Bootleg Ilegal )

Espero les agrade este previo bootleg comenten y proximamente en descarga

Dotan - Home (Max Liese Remix)

If you like you can support Max Liese on here: @MaxLieseMusic

Dotan - Home II (calebmcole remix)

here's my remix of Home II by Dotan, its a very natural sounding remix. Went for acoustic textures and sounds :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING free DL of old tracks on mediafire :)


A small RMX we did on this magnificent track ✪✪✪✪ Dj Tyrome meets Dj Da Pierre ✪✪✪✪ Tyrome : Plz support original artist

Dotan - Home (Georges Lieven Remix)

Dotan - Home ( Georges Lieven Remix )

DOTAN - HOME (ft. djmissdevana )remix Making this track Dotan, "HOME" When the planes flying over my head and come back with the victims #MH17 what goes throught me I go out with this lyrics / my feelings #unity

Dotan - Home (Gabriel&Castellon Remix) (Official)

Gabriel&Castellon remix info@

Dotan - Home (Housejunkee Bootleg)

Original Track : Dotan - Home Mastered by : Sam Grade <3

Dotan - Home II (Artlife Remix) [Preview]

Ever since Dotan’s album ‘7 Layers’ came out, we were sold. We loved the deep (and sometimes dark) atmosphere in the tracks, as well as the soothing guitars, the melodies, and the vocal lines. We took the liberty of remixing one of the tracks about a year ago. This ultimately became this remix of Home [Part 2]. With this remix, we tried to show the more hypnotizing side of house music, and the deeper side of Artlife. We

Dotan - Home (acoustic guitar)

I made this song couple of nights ago, while everyone was hopefully sleeping haha! I made it simple cause I wanted to make it sound clean en easy so my voice would do all the work :) Hope you guys dig it, leave a comment on my facebook page Nicky Ekkebus and I'm always open for suggestions :) Stay tuned for more music soon!!

Dotan - Home (Retera Festival Bootleg)

Dutch hit Dotan - Home remixed by Retera! To be played at the festivals of this summer! Enjoy!

Dotan - Home (Neil Canosa DeepDarkGreyRe-mix Radio Edit)

Funky Deephouse Re-Mix of Dotan - Home Downloadable

Dotan - Home (Gums Chestbump Remix)(The Hum)

something i've been working on ;)

Dotan Home

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Bootleg: Kai van Bjonik - Ocean Drive / Dotan - Home (Tiesto Remix)

Dotan - Home (Berrie Bootleg)

Click 'buy' for a free download.

Dotan - Home (Remix)

Het nummer op zich zelf is al mooi, maar deze remix maakt het voor feestjes helemaal af !

Dotan - Home (Wes Montello & The Pelican bootleg)

Wes Montello & Del pello remix of Dotan's track Home

Dotan - Home (Bloes Brothers #29 extract)

Run past the rivers, run past all the light Feel it crashing and burning, 'til it all collides Strike a match lit the fire, shining up the sky As it all comes down again As it all comes down again As it all comes down again, to the sound The sound of the wind is whispering in your ear Can you feel it coming back Through the warmth, through the cold, keep running 'til we're there We're coming home now, we're coming home now

Dotan - Home (The Insiders Bootleg)

Hey all, check this fun bootleg i did on Dotans track 'Home'. Follow The Insiders on Facebook: Kind regards, The Insiders.

Dotan - Home (2B. Remix)

Dotan - Home (2B. Remix)

Dotan - Home (Louis Thompson Bootleg)

I made this remix of Dotan - Home You can download it for free! :D

Dotan - Home (HELMO Remix)

CHECK THIS: // @dotan

Dotan - Home (remix by Shizzlefix)

New remix i am trying out. Let me hear what you think about it and maybe i will make a longer version of it. Please share you would do me a favor. All rights reserved for Dotan.

Dotan - Home Part II (Austin Ria Bootleg) [Short Edit]

AUSTIN RIA Dotan - Home Part II (Austin Ria Bootleg) [Short Edit] Release date: 09/01/2015 Follow me on Facebook

Dotan - Home (Instrumental)

Instrumental version of the song Home by Dotan =D

Dotan - Home (Drum Cover)