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ONE OK ROCK -「Be the light 」

ONE OK ROCK - 「Be the light 」 Lyrics -------------------------------------------------------- Just the thought of another day How did we end up this way What did we do wrong? God Even though the days go on So far so far away from It seems so close Always weighing on my shoulder A time like no other It all changed on that day Sadness and so much painYou can touch the sorrow here I don't know what to blame I just watch an

Learning To Be The Light

Newworldson new single, "Learning To Be The Light"

One Oke Rock - Be The Light

Toru (山下 亨 Yamashita Tōru?, born December 7, 1988 in Osaka) is the leader and guitarist of the group. He also contributes some vocals. He was previously a member of the hip-hop dance group Heads with Ryota. Taka (森田 貴寬 Morita Takahiro?, born April 17, 1988 in Tokyo) is the main vocalist of the group. Prior to debuting with One Ok Rock, he was a member of the boy band NEWS. He is the son of singers Shinichi Mo

LoneMoon – Be The Light (Original Mix)

Nextgen Records - “The Future of Music is Now” → YouTube: → Facebook: → Soundcloud: @nextgenrecords → Twitter: → Instagram: LoneMoon → YouTube: → Facebook: → Soundcloud:

Be The Light

From our new album Mantra Mala, You can download the track for free: 11 mins dance meditation available on the upcoming CD "Be The Light". A dance meditation: close your eyes and allow every part of your body to move freely and chant out loud if you wish. Be the light, be the lighthouse x4 Stomp your feet and clap your hands, lift your hearts to chan

LUMP - May I Be The Light

"May I Be The Light" from LUMP's self-titled album. Available June 1st on Dead Oceans. Download / stream: Website: Instagram: @thisislump Twitter: @thisislump

Safeword - Be The Light

Written and produced by Clint Stewart and Marc Smith in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, CA. Mixing and engineering by Tassilo Ippenberger. Published by mobilee publishing. After remixing Pan-Pot's "Gravity" earlier this year, San Francisco sound duo Clint Stewart and Marc Smith are back on the mobilee imprint together as Safeword on the 96th release. The 3-part EP is a soulful beat-ballad musically defining the three most

【Nightcore】→ I'll Be The Light

For more check here: ────────────────────────────── ✔ Colton Dixon - I'll Be The Light ✔ Watch in 1080P 60FPS ────────────────────────────── ღ Hope you enjoy! ღ Keep believing in Fantasy! ──────────────────

Moo Moonster - Let Me Be The Light (Original Mix)

Buy Link: Atlantica used to be a super continent million years ago, it is now the compilation that Nómada Records have put on the table. It explores the different concepts and statics that go from disco to techno and individual explorations that the contemporary dance floor offers. Nómada Records introduces its second compilation titled “Atlántica II”, and as a tradition has decided to release tra


Welcome to the Be The Light Soundcloud.

Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy - Be The Light (Denis Kenzo Remix) @ Armin Van Buuren's ASOT #701

Out on Beatport February 23, 2015 It’s full on pleasure dome with this remix package for Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy’s “Be The Light”! This gorgeous song gets a treatment by three of the big guns in the scene. First is Philippe El Sisi with an uplifting mix that has peak time written all over it. Denis Kenzo does his magic with his signature ever-driving melodic progressive sound. And to complete the package the on

#110 Faerieland with Jeremy Garner

Wow. That's all we can say about this episode is WOW. Musician, author and channeler Jeremy Garner joins us for an AMAZING conversation. Jeremy is deeply connected to the Faery Realm and the magical Beings that reside there. He has created the "Beginner's Guide to Faerieland Course" on his youtube channel, which is a wonderful tool for gaining an understanding of Faerieland, and learning skills + techniques to further you

#104 A Casual Conversation About E.T.s....

We are over the moon this week to explore a topic that is truly one of our HIGHEST excitements... Extraterrestrial and Extra-Dimensional Beings. Although there are an infinite number of discussions to be had on the subject, this episode we will focus on the basics of ETs and EDs and why they are important to our individual and Collective journeys.

#103 Lithotherapy

All about them stones. Join us as we explore the healing modality that is nearest and dearest to our hearts: lithotherapy. Like true mineral geeks, we happily delve into the history of lithotherapy; why stones work for healing; and, how you can incorporate them into intentional daily living.

#105 CQ...CQ...Making Contact

This episode is all about Human Initiated Extraterrestrial contact, also known as the CE-5 protocols. We discuss what we have learned and integrated from years of experience doing contact field work. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick up that cosmic phone and make the call yourself.

#107 Courtney Amundson

We had the honor and privilege to chat with this beautiful and radiant beam of light, Courtney Amundson. She is the author of the book Teachings from God: Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within. Courtney began channeling at the age of sixteen, making her the youngest professional channeler in the world. She is an accomplished musician and is currently creating an album of spiritually guided music known as Kirtan.

#101 Who Are We?

The introductory Be the Light podcast episode. Get to know your hosts, Marilyn and Melissa, as they regale listeners with funny stories of how they met and how the Be the Light podcast came to be.

#111 E.T. Whispering with Rob Gauthier

We had the absolute honor and privilege to share a magic moment in time and space with our beloved friend, Rob Gauthier. Known as "the ET Whisperer", Rob has connected to and channeled hundreds of different Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional beings over the last decade. He is a teacher, an author and along with his partner Kalina Angell, created "The Channel Panel", a yearly event that brings many channelers together to s

#106 An Exploration Into Channeling

In this episode, we delve into exploring and demystifying the art (and craft) of channeling. We discuss an abbreviated history of channeling throughout the ages as well as the various forms channeling takes. Receiving channeled information is something EVERY human being can do, including you. All that is required is patience, diligence, and trust in the process as it unfolds.

#108 A Chat with Brad Johnson

Join us for a delightful chat with this amazing human being, Brad Johnson. Brad is an author, spiritual teacher, healer and a channel for the multidimensional consciousness, Adronis. We absolutely LOVED exploring many exciting topics with Brad, including personal Shadow work and balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We are eternally grateful for the insight and wisdom he shared with us. Enjoy!

#112 Operating from Joy with Nora Herold

Our esteemed guest for this episode is the lovely and amazing Nora Herold. We have been following Nora's work as a channeler, teacher and mentor for years, and have benefitted immensely from the wisdom she shares. With well over two decades of channeling experience, she brings forth higher dimensional perspectives from the Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, the Faerie being Calliandra, the Lyrans and many others. We were so happy

We'll Be The Light

Our first self titled album, circa 2009. Recorded and Mixed in 4 days in Athens, GA.

#102 Eleven Steps to Shifting Your Reality

Join us in our discussion of what we believe are the 11 powerful steps in changing your life and shifting your reality. These 11 steps are fun to explore and easy to incorporate in your everyday living. All you need is yourself and an open heart.

#109 Our Beloved Solara An-Ra

This episode had us all abuzz with high vibes, love and magic! We had the pleasure, honor and privilege to chat with our beloved teacher and mentor, Solara An-Ra. This beautiful angel of light has been so instrumental on our spiritual path, both as practitioners and as human beings. Solara channels the Star Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, and other Collectives such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Sirians. She is t

[DARKI] Block B (블락비) - Be The Light (빛이 되어줘) COVER

Hi guys, more covers on My youtube channel ^^ If you want any live rap, just request here: For example: "Darki! do the ilhoon's rap on nightmare!" :D

Be The Light - ONE OK ROCK (Spanish Cover by Tricker)

YouTube Link: Cover Art: beling0210 (

Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy - Be The Light (Philippe El Sisi Remix)

Out on Beatport February 23, 2015 It’s full on pleasure dome with this remix package for Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy’s “Be The Light”! This gorgeous song gets a treatment by three of the big guns in the scene. First is Philippe El Sisi with an uplifting mix that has peak time written all over it. Denis Kenzo does his magic with his signature ever-driving melodic progressive sound. And to complete the package the

HTW0034 : Alexander Turok & Neev Kennedy - Be The Light (Original Mix)

Out at Beatport Neev Kennedy has proven herself to be one of the biggest trance vocalists in the scene, having top releases with Orjan Nilsen, Beat Service, DNS Project, Max Graham, Adam Ellis, Aurosonic and many many more. Together with Alexander Turok (Beat Service Audio, Adrian&Raz) and his driving progressive sound, “Be The Light” is another vocal anthem in the making. FACEBOOK |

Be the Light! (ft.Shimo)

We have welcomed a guest guitarist,Shimo,for this new song. This song has been selected as our high school festival theme song.

Block B - Be The Light - Piano


Space Monk E_BE THE LIGHT (Radio Edit) **OUT DECEMBER 7th, 2015**

Space Monk-E - Be The Light - Released on Smooth Villain Records on December 7th, 2015 - Staying true to that elctro-house feel combined with a festival vibe, Space Monk-E's "Be The Light" becomes a must have for any playlist... This track instantly creates that feel good energy that keeps you smiling and nodding your head from start to finish... Space Monk-E is truly an artist to watch for in 2016!! https//

Be the Light

Here are the 5 Debut tracks from the Electronic Trio from Australia 'Verses'. Each song is inspired by a verse of scripture and then crafted in a way that it will inspire your life everyday. 'Chapter 1' captures Verses heart for quality electronic pop music and their love of scripture. It is a breath of fun, fresh air in worship music with their combination of authentic lyrics, soaring melodies and dance beats.