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To The Light


ONE OK ROCK -「Be the light 」

ONE OK ROCK - 「Be the light 」 Lyrics -------------------------------------------------------- Just the thought of another day How did we end up this way What did we do wrong? God Even though the days go on So far so far away from It seems so close Always weighing on my shoulder A time like no other It all changed on that day Sadness and so much painYou can touch the sorrow here I don't know what to blame I just watch an

Mufassa - The Light

Like the track? Follow @mufassaofficial Mufassa: @mufassaofficial Artwork made by: Trap Cords:

Steal The Light

Title track from The Cat Empire's 6th album, our first fully independent release. Out May 2013.

Under The Light

Here's the next single from my upcoming EP. Let me know what you think! Additional production and mix by BARRETSO Socials: @nick-pes Publicity:

Sharing the Light

When a young Christian carries his light into the darkness, he's surprised by what he finds.

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in the light

4/9 MAXIMUM $KID$ - MAY23 $TAY TUN3D ART BY ROBERT GOTHAM: additional production by ty 2 &

Know The Light

It won’t come easy on darker days When you’re slow diving into the lake And you’re losing your grip on the pieces you know They all fall away when you’re trying to float There’s nothing left in liminal space So now you stutter, you hesitate You’re looking for someone that you can follow But they all look away when you ask for a rope They can’t take you higher Can’t take you higher You will only know the ligh

Saw the Light


Blackmill - The Light

Blackmill's newest single.. The Light.

EZTV // The Light

Released on July 10, 2015. Digital: Physical:

Into The Light

KBong "Into The Light" From the album "Hopes and Dreams" available now!! == Digital/Physical - instagram: @kbongmusic

Approaching The Light

This track is available for purchase through: and licensing through: © James Everingham

Underneath the Light

Original Track

Follow The Light

A deep mystical journey along the silk road to a place where heaven meets earth. Track ID's: 1. YokoO & Retza - Alexithymia (Original Mix) 2. Sucré Salé - Bakso 3. Bondarev - Sansara (Original Mix) 4. Kerela Dust - Motions 5. Sam Shure - Sultan (feat. Cairo Steps) 6. Armen Miran & Hraach - The Traveller 7. Jan Oberlaender feat. Bartos - Break The Stone (Township Rebellion Remix) 8. Hraach - Hidden Dimension (Kora Remix) 9.

Takes The Light

Hope y'all JAM. Thanks to Mitchell Schlepper for the production.

Got the Light

Out now via @juiceboxfm Vocal credits: Got the Light: @IamTayla In Too Deep: @Pip-willacy

Shine the Light

"They said it was not possible to leave our world. They asked with a knowing smile, ‘Who would want to leave the perfect environment Of a living, breathing ocean For something so sterile as air?' I would… Maybe… I would…" Vocals by Ashley Serena Guitars by Jaris Wolf Flutes by Steven "Lanovran" Cumberworth

See The Light

"See The Light" is the first record that showcases my new style. It takes inspiration from the live sound of 80’s giants like Cyndi Lauper and Fleetwood Mac, and focuses on the topic of love - in all forms. I think with today's world being so divided, a little love never goes astray ❤ Premiere by Earmilk: Spotify: Check out the socials!

Seek The Light

From the album "Go on and Dream"

Malaika. - The Light

Said i found the way... to that light... fuck the money... i found that light... said i found a....

Be The Light

From our new album Mantra Mala, You can download the track for free: 11 mins dance meditation available on the upcoming CD "Be The Light". A dance meditation: close your eyes and allow every part of your body to move freely and chant out loud if you wish. Be the light, be the lighthouse x4 Stomp your feet and clap your hands, lift your hearts to chan

Into The Light

Released by Chroma Music ( Mixed by Greg Townley

It's The Light

Produced by Clay Schmitt Written by Gavin Turek Mixed by Matt Powell Mastered by Dave Cooley via Madame Gold Records - iTunes: Spotify:

Kill the light

Song & Music by Kaimsasikun Lyrics by Ian J Stevenson

Kill The Light

Kitten's "Sunday School EP" from 2010. Follow KITTEN: © 2011 WMG

Leaving The Light

Pre-order my new album here: Opening with a vocal sample expressing its name, "Leaving The Light" is the concretion of the aphotic experience. It's a slightly upbeat descension further into the abstract reality. The closing segment summarizes the solidification of the shadow upon Dead Battery; a more complete darkness is now achieved.

In The Light

Welcome to the Light. We truly do hope you enjoy your stay.

GUMI - The Light

GUMI - "Never Ending Story:" Long a central figure of the Israeli psychedelic scene, Maor Hasbani has taken his wealth of knowledge in the music industry to develop an entirely new sound with GUMI. Fusing chill with psybreaks and a trance-flavored edge, Hasbani spins enchanting fables with his Never Ending Story EP out September 15th on Desert Trax. This two-track EP gives fans a wealth of sounds and styles wrapped up in a shi

Under The Light

"Voyager" is Fleece's sophomore album. Released independently under Fleece Music. Recorded and Mixed by Patrick McDowall at Soundhole, Montreal, QC. Mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market Mastering Artwork by Dillon Nusca Performed by Matthew Rogers, Ethan Soil, and Gabe Miller ft. Jameson Daniel, Megan Ennenberg, and David DiMaria


ALPHATRANCE - LANDMARK RECORDINGS Psychedelic trance music...Music, events, latest info. WebSite:

Find The Light

Chasing The Light

Get ready. Turn around. The Red Sun Rises.

Awake The Light

"He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God." - Psalm 40:2

Be the Light

Here are the 5 Debut tracks from the Electronic Trio from Australia 'Verses'. Each song is inspired by a verse of scripture and then crafted in a way that it will inspire your life everyday. 'Chapter 1' captures Verses heart for quality electronic pop music and their love of scripture. It is a breath of fun, fresh air in worship music with their combination of authentic lyrics, soaring melodies and dance beats.

Feel The Light

Just a little synth jam