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Andy Lau - Xie Xie Ni De Ai

maap kalo ada mantra2 yang nyasaaarr @________________________@

Wu' 悟 - Shaolin theme song (Andy Lau)(WinTeR MooN Ambient mix)

This is the Ambient/Chillout Mix of Wu' 悟 - Shaolin theme song by(Andy Lau) .Rework and a whole new composition in Fl studio 11 with only One instance of omnisphere and 2 instances of Nexus you can also chk i make this song here link below Join me and subscribe -- official facebook page-- https://twitte

Người Đau Khổ Nhất Thế Gian Andy Lau (Lưu Đức Hoa)

曾经梦想我们的爱是天堂 Céngjīng mèngxiǎng wǒmen de ài shì tiāntáng 不顾一切跟你飞翔 Bùgù yīqiè gēn nǐ fēixiáng 我以为把一生的爱都用光 Wǒ yǐwéi bǎ yīshēng de ài dū yòng guāng 就能够地老天荒 Jiù nénggòu dìlǎotiānhuāng 千辛万苦伤痕累累恋着你 Qiān xīn wàn kǔ shānghén lěilěi liànzhe nǐ 只换来一句请原谅 Zhǐ huàn lái

FREE DOWNLOAD: Jon Hopkins - Journey To The Temple {Norman H & Andy Lau's Widescreen Edit}

FREE DOWNLOAD: Jon Hopkins - Journey To The Temple {Norman H & Andy Lau's Widescreen Edit}. This edit was born out of Norman H's obsession with the 2010 Gareth Edwards movie "Monsters", and the stunning soundtrack that accompanied it from the electronic genius Jon Hopkins. So on a trip to Lithuania for a gig in Kaunas, Lithuania in early 2012, Norman put the idea to his producer / dj friend Andy Lau who agreed to watch the mov

恭喜发财-Gong Xi Ni Fa Cai-Andy Lau

My favorite Chinese New Year song!!! =)

Andy Lau - Wu: Shaolin film main theme [FREE MUSIC SCORE](Piano Cover by M.Iglesias)

this is a piano cover of the shaolin film's main theme. great chinese soundtrack. DONATIONS for the music sheet: YOUTUBE PERFORMANCE VIDEO: SCORE:

Dj VenuM-Me Gusta La Mujer(4 Hani Wantesk)

Mix(me gusta la mujer)<==°°°Vista & Key's°°°...chanté par moii!!pour Hani Wantesk!!...bne ékoute!!!

Tii - No Use (Andy Lau Remix)

Cold Tap Recordings, cat no: CTAP018

Nick Robson - Orange (Andy Lau Remix)

Still waiting for the publishing date.

Andy Lau - O.B.E.

The track has been released on Pro-duce Records compilation "On Air".

Rob Small pres. Uncle Rico - A Different Groove (Andy Lau Remix)

Fresh remix for Rob Small pres. Uncle Rico "A Different Groove" for 3am Recordings remix competition which has already won and goes on the release with other two winners: Dlay and Daniel O'Leary. The release will be coming out on March 19th as a Beatport exclusive.

Login - Haistoun (Andy Lau Remix)

Fresh remix for Login's "Haistoun" for FSS Recordings.

Pao C - Fool Moon (Andy Lau Remix)

Fresh remix for Pao C's "Fool Moon" @ Stripped Digital. Warm support from Hernan Cattaneo.

Andy Lau - Breathe With Me

Fresh track from Andy Lau. Still unsigned.

Taran & Lomov - Basta! (Andy Lau Remix)

Fresh remix for Taran & Lomov's "Basta!" for Stripped Digital

Andy Lau: 一起走過的日子 (Short Cover)

Trying to imitate Andy Lau! :p

Pete McCarthey - Department 5 (Andy Lau Remix)

Fresh remix for Pete McCarthey's "Department 5" @ Stripped Recordings.

Andy Lau & Virus J - Full OF Words

Fresh track from Andy Lau & Virus J called "Full Of Words". Will be published by Stripped Recordings on "Lithuania" compilation, compiled by Norman H.

093-SRG Norman H,Minoru Hirata_La Bufadora [Andy Lau Remix][Stripped Recordings] (Preview)

Fresh remix for Norman H and Minoru Hirata's wonderful co-track 'La Bufadora' for Stripped Recordings. Had really great time while remixing it and just love to be involved in this release.