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Goin' Mental (Prod. Remzi)

Vocals, Beat, Mix & Master - By me.

Türkisch House mix by Remzi

Türkisch House mix.....

servant girl annihilator - Zelda Boi (Prod. Remzi)

I Can Feel Your Touch (Original Mix)

Hi new track I dedicate one... :), with ambient elements,and with a low rate. Thank you all for your support !


friends hello, I went on vacation. this track I made here almost on the mountains :)I hope you will enjoy 110BPM. mixing made almost impossible on a laptop :) ENJOY

Everywhere Elusive

It's so simple trakc for fun, added the saxophone's my favorite sound

Justin Hartinger & Remzi - She Like (Feat. Amanuensis)

Click 'Buy' Link for free download. P: Vocals: Download for free on The Artist Union

Do not forget

hello my friends.. the next my new deep house track with a low rate and deep melodic sounds ! pleas enjoy thanks all ! 105bpm used piano and sax !

Tears of Sky

Hello friends. 3 days of work on the track, ready full version ! I wish you an enjoyable listening , thanks for all the support. Deep House music with elements of chill.

Rəmish - Sənin Olsun (Remzi Edit Original)

Hello friends. my new track It is taken as a basis for our folk artists Remis , I changed and made Downtemp music I hope you will enjoy :)

Day 1 - Amanuensis X Remzi (p. Pruga P X Remzi)

Cognate Presents 'Messiah'

We are here now

my new Track. I am very glad that you like what I do it inspires me. We are here now forever !!!

Taking Back My Love

Hi People. My new next Deep/DeepHouse track there was a bit of time here and I did 2 right away. As always I will "upload/share" music for free only free ! To all of you who puts me a huge hope thank you for All !

Don't Cry Tonight

hi friends i made a small track elements deep and added duduk sound , against the background of children's voices and shouts ! I wrote the track for 1 day in the sea ! :) easy listening thank you all in advance ! 110BPM

She's Beautiful

Hi..Friends track created yesterday just so heartily added some guitar sounds th atmosphere pleasant listens. Thank you all for your support and for assessment.


friends hello. Was a little time made an easy deep track close your eyes and listen pleasant listening. I will try for the best thank you all ;)

Architect's Dream

I try for the best. As always, I will only upload/share for free audition Pleas Pleasant listening !! 120BPM .FLAC

Remzi - Tokyo Station


Hi friends my new track I hope someone likes you enjoy listening


My next track made within 4 days , I wanted to send to the label but changed his mind :) enjoy easy listening Thank you all for your support 120BPM


Caravan elements ,,,Frieands I love oriental sounds with atmospheric elements :) Enjoy


Hi friends for a long time there were no tracks here we again here. I hope you enjoy. Have a nice day, everyone ;)


Hi People..This track at a low rate i made long ago forgot to share a pleasant listening experience. Thank you very much for your support !!

Mountains of Azerbaijan (Original Mix)

Hi frieands.. 2 days work finally ready small downtemp track , i dedicate their my native capital.. easy listening :)

Goodnight, You (Ft. Remzi)


hi ..Created nations within a few hours free time was devoted to track all thanks the assessment and reposts...easy listening deep music with elements of dub !

Electric Love

my next track enjoy we will hope for the best :) Thanks all of you

Cornerstone (Original Mix)

Hello friends my new next house music.. used little added saxophone and vocal by my frieand ))low rate track !

What You Say

friends do not a great deephouse track with vocals...cut version created in one day :)

Feeling So Alone

Hi Good evening friends to the addition I want to add one more my new Ambient Deep music. I hope you will like it pLeas enjoy. Free Download .MP3


Hi friends today was the time and I made my old track East. I added a bit of mystery and a bit of vocal by beautiful vocalist from Turkey Duygu Sez. Thank him very much for the eastern vocals. I hope you like it, and always thanks for your grades and for your support me. Due to some problems I cannot fully adapt to the music, but I will create many beautiful tracks in the future and very fast :) enjoy ...

Lied - Amanuensis X Remzi (p. Pruga P x Remzi)

Cognate Presents 'Messiah' @remzisbeats @pruga-p @amanuensis1

Morning (B Side)

All the hi friends made the reverse side of the track the morning added a bit of guitar enjoyable audition.


Good afternoon, my friends :) my new next track melodic deep house first time !! ENJOY ! I try to write music for the soul !! 105BPM

Easy - Amanuenisis X Remzi (p. Pruga P)

Cognate Presents 'Messiah' @remzisbeats @pruga-p @amanuensis1

Feel Me

Hello friends. Long time did not make music here is my next track in free listening to all thanks your for support and for ratings me. I try as best I can. Hello to everyone from the Baku ! enjoy / 96bpm electronic/dtemp/house.