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29 funky chiptunes from the soundtrack of "Nameless: The Hackers RPG", a new iOS RPG by BoxCat Games.


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Definición de comercio electrónico en el contexto de la tecnología educativa.

How Wee Squeak Captured Over 600 Emails Using Only $90 in Facebook Ads

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll hear from Susan Bradley, President of Wee Squeak, a company that produces and sells fun shoes that have glittery touches and darling details for kids. You’ll learn how to: — Capture email subscribers by running events on Facebook (and not the “events” you’re thinking of). — Earn a subscriber AND a sale at the same time. — Partner with other brands to co-promote giveaw

How House Of Hannie Is Building a Profitable Instagram Following

In this episode of Shopify Masters, we'll discuss: —What to do when you get your first products from an overseas manufacturer and it doesn’t match what you envisioned. —Is it ethical and is it safe to automate your social media like Instagram? —How to create a year’s worth of Instagram content in 1 afternoon.

30 Days To Market: How This $800K Coconut Oil Business Bootstrapped In The First Months

In this episode you’ll learn from an entrepreneur that believes you should launch as soon as possible. He launched his profitable store with in just one month and for $500. How to work with and incentivize bloggers to review your products How to retain an existing customer rather than expensively getting a new customer How to test if your product, brand or store can be a viable business

Ep. 31: Alibaba and The Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu): Powering Ecommerce with Content

In episode 31 of TechBuzz China, co-hosts Ying-Ying Lu and Rui Ma talk about Xiaohongshu, also known as RED, which had received a $300 million investment from Alibaba. Though the money was injected in June, the two companies have recently announced an additional cooperation that links them at the product level-- an integration with Alibaba’s Taobao. What is the significance of these developments, and what is the story of Xia

Ep. 54: Influencers, KOLs, idols, and the future of China ecommerce

Episode 54 of TechBuzz China is about the rise of the influencer and idol economies in China, which is a major trend that has created an entirely new ecosystem online. Indeed, one-third of China’s total retail sales are taking place online, and its ecommerce platforms are some of the most innovative and advanced in the world.

How Made $9 Million Last Year Selling On Online Marketplaces

In this episode you’ll learn from an entrepreneur that started selling on eBay in 2001 and now sells on over 10 marketplaces. How to differentiate yourself on a platform with so many other sellers like eBay What kind of business makes sense to start on eBay How much work it takes to become a featured brand on Amazon and how it doubled their daily revenue

a16z Podcast: Ecommerce and the Holiday Shopping Collision

How can ecommerce companies deal with the conflicting expectations of consumers and logistics realities of an on-demand economy? How can they compete with ecommerce giant Amazon, which just gets bigger every year? And given all this, how is physical retail faring? --- The views expressed here are those of the individual AH Capital Management, L.L.C. (“a16z”) personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliate

1,000 True Fans: Tapping into Facebook Groups to Generate Sales

In this episode of the Shopify Masters podcast, we find out how Karen Kawallek, Owner of Lake Providence Lodge Scented Wax Melts, sells her home-made, long-lasting scented wax melts to communities of potential customers on Facebook. In this episode, you’ll learn: —Why you should start with selling just 1 or 2 products instead of hundreds. —How to run small $10 giveaways on other Facebook groups to grow your Facebook g

How Cold Emailing Helped Craft Street Design Go From Side Hustle to Full Time Business

In this episode you’ll learn from an entrepreneur that believes so deeply in the power of words that she built a fast growing business around words. In this podcast you’ll learn: 1. How to test the market before going all in 2. How cold emailing landed her big accounts that gave her the cash flow to go full time 3. How to use a street team to promote your product, how to hire them and how much they cost

Q&A with Gary Vaynerchuk - Nordic eCommerce Summit 2012

This is one of the best Q&A's I have ever done. The hosts were bright, well-informed, and, most importantly, were keeping me honest and asking great questions. An absolute must-listen!

How to Launch On Shopify's Latest Amazon Channel, From the Director of Product

Transcript: There are specific advantages to both selling through your own storefront and through a marketplace like Amazon. Luckily, you don't have to choose one or the other, and many entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits of taking a multi-channel approach to their ecommerce business. With Shopify's latest announcement, merchants can now add Amazon as a Sales Chann

How One Shopify Employee Built a Profitable Business in 5 Weeks Selling Gaming Glasses From China

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear how Corey turned his existing interest in gaming culture into a profitable business selling glasses imported from China, and how he managed to move so quickly from product idea to product sales in under 2 months. In this episode, you'll learn: —How to use your competitor’s product reviews to improve your copywriting. —How to reverse engineer the viability of a business i

The Ecommerce Customer Lifecycle - Episode 5: Measurement

In our final episode, we discuss all things measurement and ask how we can use analytics and data to ensure all of our e-commerce customer lifecycle activities are profitable.

GaryVee on Hacking The Holidays | An eCommerce Mini Series

What do cool kicks, cricket protein and eCommerce have in common? Props from serial entrepreneur and CEO/Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk. In this special episode (shot on Gary’s birthday), VaynerMedia’s SVP of eCommerce, Sabir Semerkant, and Partner Manager for Shopify Plus, Mac King, learn how the launch of Gary Vee’s KSwiss Signature Shoes broke the internet. Speaking from the heart, Gary covers his love for

How This Activewear Store Opened to $80K in Sales With $0 in Advertising

In a digital world, offline touchpoints are still invaluable for growing a business—even when you're building an email list. Look no further than Nate Checketts—the founder of Rhone, a premium activewear brand designed and built specifically for men. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll hear how he built a pre-launch email list manually through one-on-one conversations, and how it helped him launch his store to $

Working Smarter: How One Entrepreneur Turned 60 Hours a Week Into 4 Hours a Day

In this episode, we discuss: —Why you should drive your non-English speaking customers to Amazon. —Why they redo their website from scratch every year. —Why you should buy Facebook ads in Europe rather than in the US.

How HDX Hydration Mix Sells Someone a Drink Before They Know What It Tastes Like

In this episode you’ll learn from an entrepreneur that spent years marketing for Red Bull and Monster Energy Drink and now started his own beverage company In this episode you'll learn: 1. How to convince customers to buy a product online that requires the sense of taste 2. Why you should not build a customer base from scratch and instead how to partner with complementary companies 3. And why you shouldn’t focus on volume,

This Entrepreneur Grew an 8-Figure Business. Now He's Selling the Software That Helped Him Do It

Many entrepreneurs get started by trying to solve a personal problem they have in a market that doesn't offer a good solution. But some, after becoming business owners, realize a whole new set of problems (read: opportunities) that require solutions. Chad Rubin is the founder of Think Crucial, a store that sells crucial products you need for your everyday life. In the process of growing it into an 8-figure business, he disc

Ben Jabbawy: CEO of Privy

Ben Jabbawy is the founder and CEO of Privy, a tool used by over 250,000 online stores to convert more traffic. At the time, Ben was a first time founder when he started the company in 2011. In this podcast, we dive into the success of Privy, how it helps over a quarter million ecommerce stores run, and what he thinks the future of ecommerce holds in store for us.

#01: Scotch Avec David Grégoire PDG Fondateur De Mister ECommerce!

Bienvenue dans ce premier épisode de notre Podcast! On reçoit David Grégoire, PDG et fondateur de Mister eCommerce. David a lancé son entreprise il y a exactement un an et est maintenant rendu à une dizaine d’employés et a réussis à décrocher des contrats impressionnants avec des entreprises tel que BMR, Metro (et pourquoi pas ) sexxx plus! Au programme, on parle de marketing par courriel, publicité Facebook et l

How Persistence Got Natural Force to $1 Million in Sales

In this episode of Shopify Masters, we talk to Justin Quinn, Owner of Natural Force, who took an existing product in the workout supplement market and added his own unique twist. In this episode, you’ll learn: —Where to start when thinking about raising capital from friends and family. —How to ensure you’re not missing those “make or break” opportunities in fast-changing markets. —How to choose what business to

The Facebook Marketing Blueprint That Put The Passionate Pug on the Path to 6 Figures

Facebook is one of the best paid marketing channels for getting niche products in front of the right people, since you can show ads to users based on their interests. Kwaku Nornoo is the owner of The Passionate Pug, a store that sells awesome pug merchandise. On this episode of Shopify Masters you’ll learn the step by step process this entrepreneur took to test and launch their business through Facebook ads, a business tha

Common Dropshipping Mistakes (and What to Do Instead)

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from a serial dropshipper about the mistakes that he made, and that many new dropshippers make, and why he thinks Facebook ads aren't the best place to start your marketing. Show Notes:

How to Launch a Successful Amazon Business in 2017 with Andrew Youderian

Transcript: Andrew Youderian has built and sold multiple successful ecommerce businesses and runs Ecommerce Fuel, a private community for 6- and 7-figure ecommerce entrepreneurs. On today’s episode of Shopify Masters, he'll be joining us to talk about how you can set yourself up for success when launching a business on Amazon, including recent changes to the ma

GLORE Insights #2

Mit dem GLORE (Global Online Retail Fund) machen wir den Handel von morgen investierbar - für jedermann! Portfoliozusammensetzung, Wachstumsraten und alle relevanten Inhalte findet Ihr unter:

Why Build a Business Competition Winner Leesa Claims That Ecommerce Is a Numbers Game

In this episode, you'll learn: —How they were able to get to $1 million by their 2nd month. —What is the Salary Drug, why you might be hooked on it and how to break free from it. —How to know what you should do when your business is stagnating.

GLORE Insights #5 - Das Ecommerce Börsenjahr 2019 & Ausblick 2020

In der ersten Ausgabe des neuen Börsenjahres 2020 blicken Jochen Krisch und Sven Rittau gemeinsam zurück auf das vergangene Jahr und schauen dort insbesondere die Gewinner & Veränderungen an. Die Dynamik des globalen Ecommerce Segments zeigt sich vor allem im Wechsel der Portfoliozusammensetzung die zum Jahresende 34 börsennotierte Firmen umfasste. Dieser Wechsel war zum Teil erzwungen durch Übernahmen aber auch durch zum

GLORE Insights #6 - Die amazon Geschäftszahlen 2019

In dieser Ausgabe besprechen wir die jüngsten Geschäftszahlen 2019 des amazon Konzerns. Mit über 280 Mrd. USD Nettoumsatz, über 10 Mrd. USD Nettogewinn und einen Wachstum von über 20% beweist amazon einmal mehr, wer die Hausmacht ist. Umso spannender unser Blick in die Geschäfstfelder jenseits des 1st Party Retailgeschäfts. Hier findet man Antworten auf die Frage, was ist amazon eigentlich genau.

Selling on Amazon: Lessons You Can Learn From a $2 Million Business

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces with 183 million shoppers frequenting it every month. On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll catch the lessons learned from an entrepreneur duo that launched a $2 million business selling on Amazon. Meet Lindsay Windham and Nate Justiss: the founders of Distil Union, a micro-collective creating clever products for your everyday life. We'll discuss: —What goes into

O ecommerce - rozmawia Jabłoński.

Pomyślałem, że jednego jestem pewny, że chcę dzielić się swoimi dobrymi doświadczeniami i zanim nabrałem na dobre wątpliwości, złapałem się, że piszę ten tekst (a Ty go czytasz). Od kiedy pamiętam, a mam wyśmienitą pamięć, zajmuję się rozmawianiem z ludzmi, a ostatnie lata rozmawiam, bo doradzam dużemu e-commerce w strategiach w tym jak zwiększać sprzedaż ale i rentowność. Pomyślałem, że to jest

GLORE Insights #4

Mit dem GLORE (Global Online Retail Fund) machen wir den Handel von morgen investierbar - für jedermann! Portfoliozusammensetzung, Wachstumsraten und alle relevanten Inhalte findet Ihr unter:

Go Small to Grow Big: How Thuggies Uses Micro-Influencers to Spark Sales

When it comes to influencer marketing, common sense says, "Go big or go home". But sometimes it's smarter to go small to grow big. In this episode of Shopify Masters you’ll hear from Brad Westerop of Thuggies who believes the key to success is to work with micro-influencers rather than big-time celebrity influencers. We'll discuss: —How to validate a product that no one has ever seen before. —Why you should force cus

Working From Anywhere: How Minaal Became a Digital Nomad Business

Entrepreneurship in a digital era presents a unique opportunity for today's business owners: The opportunity to work from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to run your own online business on the go. On this episode of Shopify Masters, you'll hear from an entrepreneur who started a completely "digital nomad" business. Doug Barber is the co-founder of Minaal, a company that makes durable, professio

#1 - GDPR/RGPD - General Data Protection Regulation

O novo regulamento geral de proteção de dados (RGPD) ou General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) integra a nova legislação da União Europeia que se aplica a todos os 28 estados-membros e a qualquer empresa que venda produtos ou serviços dentro da UE. Entra em vigor a 25 de maio de 2018 e o tempo urge para todas as empresas. Seja qual for a sua área de negócio, prepare-se para entrar em conformidade com a nova lei.

How These First-Time Entrepreneurs Launched a $15 Million Watch Company

You need to try and fail a few times before you succeed in business, at least that's how the story usually goes. But for the founders of Original Grain, putting in the time, effort, and care (plus having some solid connections in China) helped them get it right the first time. Andrew and Ryan Beltran are the co-founders of Original Grain, the premier maker of all-natural wood and stainless steel watches. On this episode of

GLORE Insights #3

Mit dem GLORE (Global Online Retail Fund) machen wir den Handel von morgen investierbar - für jedermann! Portfoliozusammensetzung, Wachstumsraten und alle relevanten Inhalte findet Ihr unter: Amazon auf

How Solé Bicycles Sells 15,000 Bikes A Year Using Content Marketing

In this episode, you'll learn: —How to beat your competitors by not marketing your product, but marketing an aspirational lifestyle tied to your product. —How they bootstrapped a inventory-heavy business without any significant outside investments. —What a "Sourcing Agent" is and how hiring one helped them scale their business smoothly.

GLORE Insights #8 - die zalando Kennzahlen im Strategie-Check

Zalando im Strategiecheck! Wir nehmen die 2019er Zahlen zum Anlass und schauen, wie sich zalando als führender europäischer FashionPlayer für die Zukunft positioniert. Dabei überrascht vor allem der hohe App-Anteil am GMV von 8,4 Mrd EUR. Und auch sonst gibt es die eine oder andere strategische Weichenstellung, die uns weiter bullish sein lässt. Nach wie vor ist zalando ein strong BUY