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Aniruddh Menon - Looming (Part 1 with Benkii)

Looming part 1 is the first single from Aniruddh Menon's debut album "Lovesongs" Free download: Artwork by Florian Dré.

GJ 935 Parody On BharDo Jholi Meri By RJ Aniruddh

Rajkot Police Earns Daily 1.25 Lakhs from penalties, Here are the Lyrics Rajkot na Rasta par aaram se sab aate hain, Jisko tu chahe,[haaley mota ubhore] kar ke Police bulata hai, Pela malya, Lalit, karodo nu karke Bhaag jaata hai, Ane Dar be divase. Mara jeva bechara, PUC me salvata hai, Bov Jabri chhe Rajkot ni Polis, Hathma aavo na javade khali, [100 rupiya to devaj padshe] Dand kari ne Bhare chhe tijori, Loko na khissa

Pink of Condition

Happy electronic music with happier samples.

Manasa Maine (Aniruddh Menon Mix)

Made Manasa Maine into something simpler. It's a disgrace, I know.

Aniruddh Menon - Surpanakha

Lovesongs out now. Grab a copy (free download) >>

Loose Ends

Heavy *five years ahead. EDIT: Thanks @dashrhl for correction.

Cliff Martinez - Can't Forget (Aniruddh Menon Mix)

By Cliff Martinez, featuring Vithaya Parsringarm on vocals. I don't know how to change the artist name on Soundcloud.

Wild City #103 - Aniruddh Menon

Bangalore based Aniruddh Menon, known best for his work with Machli and newly formed label Consolidate compiles a selection of unreleased material for Wild City Mix #103. Menon launched his eponymous solo project last year with his impressive first EP ‘Another Summer’. However, the first time we heard of him was when he still played with Musharraf Shaikh, Sandhya Visvanathan and Maitreya Mer with Machli, a band, which de


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Wander, Paris.

"Wander, Paris." is the first release from my project "Travel Stories". It speaks about the experience of the unravelling of a new place for the first time. Lyrics: "Qu'est-ce que je vois,Une nouvelle histoire Est-ce que je crois,Je sens les étoiles" (What do I see?,A new story Do I believe?,I smell the stars) Travel Stories Project- A series of thematic songs conceived during a long journey across varying landscapes. E

Aniruddh Menon - Morning Rituals

The places one lives in invariably lend contrast to each other. A day in Aniruddh Menon's life would start with running late for school in the backwaters of Tripunithura, Kochi, followed by lazy afternoons spent on a farmland in Elapulli, Palakkad. Then, a return to a stubbornly medium-sized old villa in Satwa, Dubai that houses 8 families from across India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The day would likely end with a post-di

Zignashu 20 oct

ZIgnashu on BIG BOSS house,...

Really Slow Motion - Retaliation (The X-Files Vol.1)

Write to for licensing information Buy Really Slow Motion music Amazon : iTunes: Spotify: ----------------------------------------­-------- Music by Really Slow Motion Track: Retaliation Composers: Goran Dragas and Aniruddh Immaneni Album: The X-files Vol.1 Orchestral/Hybrid

Rain Deer

Hiking towards Hermitage Point in Grand Tetons, we were caught in an afternoon shower. We took cover under some thick evergreens. As we were waiting for the rain to pass, a deer came by our path searching for food. By the look of its face (unseen here), the deer had been through some rough battles recently.

Hai Din Ye Kyu Dhala Dhala

Debut composition

Rj Aniruddh Abt KathaKadi

Link about KathaKadi.

Cor Lapideum

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1. Doom To Fail- Mp3 128kbps

Aakaash Mittal- alto saxophone Matthias Mueller- electric guitar


indian track....

The Valley of Peace

Why? Aniruddh Ft. Nischay

Just a weak dude whining over his ex.

Giant Robots in Outer Space (Instrumental)

Maybe things won't turn out so bad.

Khwabon Ki Aye Haseen

A song about the angle of my dreams

Rooh jal gayi meri

Debut composition

"Do you have a thing?"

A selection from the original score "The Mad Ones" Written and directed by Aniruddh Pandit Music by Benjamin Cleek


pradymna singh manot- keys william walters- bass

The Awakening

Aniruddh Immaneni: @aniruddh-i Contact email: ----------------------------------------­--------

Blue Monk - BOP machine, live at tje, kolkata

Arinjoy - guitar Shonai - keyboard Willie - bass