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Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure [1981] (spiral tribe extended version v2)

Can be purchased here -


Le 2ème album de PV Nova, crée et enregistré en 10 jours ! Pour revivre l'aventure ->

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - Timbalero [1981]

Una compilación de 10 de los Mejores Temas Bailables del Género Salsa Que NO DEBEN faltar en vuestras Listas de Salsa. Exclusivo por Monchy Mix ®. Siempre desde mi punto de vista y de acuerdo a mi experiencia y conocimientos del género en República Dominicana.

Tito Y Su Torbellino Mix Corridos No Fregaderas D.E.P. 1981-2014

Un pequeno homenaje a este gran artista que se nos adelanto en el camino... Descase en paz Tomas Tovar aka Tito Torbellino...


THE HOOD INTERNET presents 1981. Samples of more than 50 songs from 1981 mixed together into one 3-minute song. Video version:


Written and performed by Alagoas Mix: Andy Baldwin @ Rola Pola Master: Heba Kadry @ Timeless @ 2013 Alagoas | Better Problems Records


its 1981 and this is the Ghetto Boogie that the folks smoked Reefer and did Coke to. REAL TALK. Press Play and let you mind walk. (all songs recorded in 1981!)


Get it (and the rest of the series) here:


samples from porn 1981 - Tranbaree - Les bas de soie noire


1981 - TR-808, Jupiter-8, Promars, SH-2, Fender Rhodes


A self-indulgent exercise in nostalgia from 2005. The kid's voice you hear is yours truly at age 3, recorded back in the eponymous year. Plus warm pads and a cheesy 505 drum kit to warm the cockles of any Reagan baby's heart.


"Voyager 2" debut album from Vinyle Bonbon.


Mike Carlson (Podcast: The Ride!) joins us to talk the highs and lows of 1981's Oscar Slate.