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maji-kaji %E6%A9%9F%E6%A2%B0%E8%AA%9E remix (by saitone)

a preview of a remix from JulieHally's 1st CD single "Maji-Kaji".

Trim.E3 B6 D7 A5 6 Bf6 418 D A9 Ee Fbd5 E6 Bd308 C

New hip hop project from J.archBNDP. With some really influential guest appearances. Backed by TEAM HOMI and produced by TEAM HOMI's own P-STACKS... This project is a long awaited and history in the making piece of hip hop for your ears to enjoy... For true hip hop heads!!!


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شغلوا الملفات وبعدين حملوها واعملولها إعادة تسمية مظبوطة .أنا ما لحقتش أعمل ده.دعوات حلوة بقا