Richie Hawtin: DE9 Fragments 7. Somewhere in South Africa (February, 2013)


This set was recorded on my first trip to South Africa, where I performed at a festival and a free show in Soweto alongside local artists Vinny da Vinci , Dj Fresh, Euphonik, Culoe de Song and LSG. All tour dates were partnered with non-profit organisation Bridges for Music. The aim was to use music to break down socio-economic boundaries bringing people from different communities together . More info: 'DE9 Fragments' is a series of fragmented audio edits based upon my live DJ set recordings. Each one will attempt to capture the feeling and direction of the night, giving those who were there a reminder of the events they experienced while giving those who were not present a fragmented distortion of what they missed. Edited & Reconstructed by Richie Hawtin & Rebekah Aff


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Genre: Techno
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