Trivecta @ Seven Lions Pres: Visions 2020


Watch full vid on YouTube :: Tracklist: Trivecta - Leave It All Behind (ft. Fagin) FOOL - Avenger HOWWLER - Midnight Trivecta, Varien - Revelation Kompany - Servo Trivecta - Axis Trivecta - Standing at the Edge w/ Jason Ross, Karra - Into You Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta - Island (ft. Nevve) Jason Ross, Seven Lions - Known You Before (Trivecta Remix) (ft. Emilie Brandt) Trivecta, RBBTS - The Loop (unreleased) Trivecta - Wasteland Ranji - Amino Acid Trivecta - The Surface (ft. Roniit) Trivecta, Wooli - Falling Kayzo - This Time Trivecta - Shatterpoint Excision, Wooli, Trivecta - Oxygen (ft. Julianne Hope) Illenium, Kill The Noise - Don't Give Up On Me (ft. Mako) Tiesto - Elements of Life Materia, Waio - Detonight (Mono Sapiens & Frostbite Remix) Trivecta - Twilight of the Gods (unreleased) Trivecta, RORY - Riptide Trivecta - Best For You (ft. Selah Ford) Jaykode, Blanke - Artifacts The Funk Hunters - Hands Up Trivecta - Everyday (ft. Rico & Miella)


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