Slow, Peaceful and Calming Piano Music - work, study, love songs - relaxdaily N°057


This slow, peaceful and calming piano music instrumental has all the positive power and emotion to be a working soundtrack while you study or work, relax or calm down, meditate or enjoy your yoga, spa or massage session. When you're into love songs: Don't you think this instrumental has a romantic touch to it? I hope you enjoy this piece of music. Let me know how you feel about it ;) - Michael (relaxdaily music creator) visit my website my Facebook: © 2012 relaxdaily FYI: With this project I try to create music that is different to what you hear on the radio. While I believe that it can make us happy to listen to uptempo, stimulating and entertaining pop music throughout the day, I also believe that we all can benefit from a slow and peaceful instrumental from time to time. With this project, I want to create a place where you can come to, when you feel the need to. ... relaxdaily: music for the mind, body and soul.


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