Tommie Sunshine & SLATIN - HOUSE MUSIC OVER EVERYTHING feat. Blak Trash [BF300!!!]


featured in New Music Friday Cratediggers on Spotify! featured in Breaking Dance/EDM & GROOVE on Apple Music! Knowing we were upon our 300th release, we knew we had to do something special. ‚ÄčTommie and @SLATIN have been working together for some time now. Their music has taken a solid turn in the past few months after a 10 day studio lock out in LA that inspired a dozen originals, including a forthcoming collab w/ @angelzofficial. House Music Over Everything came out of that period of intense inspiration. Tommie has worked alongside many producers in his career but his work with SLATIN has taken on an air of something bigger. This is the first of those tracks done in this new direction. The vocals come from Northern California duo, @BlakTrash and first of the work on the horizon for Tommie, SLATIN & Blak Trash together. Keep your eyes peeled for the next moves of these four musical adventures & never forget, HOUSE MUSIC OVER EVERYTHING!!! to stream or DL, head to the platform of your choice: @tommiesunshine @Slatin @blaktrash


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