Music Video: Didn't Speak english in my house we spoke Bangla cuz my parents immigrated from Dhaka 5 times a day I pray I face the kaaba I feel like the modern day maharaja nice knowning ya let me tell you a story uh just got signed my studio is in astoria donald trump wanna ban me like Exodia They afraid of who I am thats islamapobia they say they love me it hard to tell uh feeling the misery life is just hella uh solving these mysteries feeling like Velma god is just testing me rabbi zidni alma mind as polymers passed from philopshers im a lose cannon to any photographer knife in a gun fight game soul calibur dagger down your throat your a sword swallower too many rappers and the passion is lacked for my country this is my chance to give back lets play a game of capture the flag cause ima rep bangladesh with every rap that I have you see how far ive gotten im a beast wheres my emma watson i teach rap i got options bengalies like "bhai kemon aschen" Alhumduliah you dont want it with me Ill have you with Mermaids under the sea or better yet have you hung from a tree use oxyclean take out the blood on the leaves uh pass the umbrella when i brain storm I am under the weather Bangla rap koro well never say never bangla pari but my english is better Shabash


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