Cairo Cassette Culture - Arabic 90's Oldies MegaMix (Amr Diab, Mostafa Amar, Hisham Abbas & More)


[Please like our Faacebook page: and follow us on twitter: for more updates!!! Part TWO of this mix is coming soon !!! ] The 90's was one of the most amazing and prominant eras in Arabic Music. It witnessed the introduction of MIDI instruments, the fast drums with maqsoom and sagaat, the "Hamid El Shaeri Revolution" and the birth of superstars such as Ihab Tawfeek, Mostafa Amar, Hisham Abbas and many more! All these gems were documented on nothing but CASSETTES! Let us introduce you to the "CAIRO CASSETTE CULTURE". A MegaMix of the very best of the 90's Egyptian music, interlaced with fresh drums and beats to make it up to date to your ears! Close your eyes, and get ready to join us on a journey baaaaack to 1991!


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