Maroon 5 - Wait (Joey Stux Remix ft. Johnny Rez)


Like the remix? Comment, click the ♥ Like and the ↻ Repost button! Thank YOU ;) OUT ON SPOTIFY: Download the remix for FREE: If you are a DJ or you just mix, here's the Extended Version: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After our popular 'Charlie Puth - Attention' remix you can hear a new fresh remix by the great combination of Joey Stux & Johnny Rez. We hope you all enjoy this! Download and Stream the original "Wait": ✘ Support & contact me on: - Spotify : - Facebook : - Instagram : ✘ Support & contact Johnny Rez on: - Youtube : - Instagram : - Facebook : ________________________________________________ EXTRA TAGS: Maroon 5 mp3 remix Wait mp3 remix download Red Pill Blues Mp3 Download remix What Lovers Do Mp3 Song Download summer Wait, Maroon 5, SZA Mp3 Download Maroon 5 new song 2020 Wait - Maroon 5 new song summer hit Cold, Don't Wanna Know, Kendrick Lamar, Lips On You, Maroon 5, New song, Maroon 5 last song Next hit 2020, last song 2020, new song 2020, summer hit 2020 Joey Stux, Johnny Rez, The Voice Summer 2018 2019 2020 Tropical House / Deep House / Good Vibes cardi b feat. maroon 5 girls like you download 2020 summer hit song new official 2020 world cup russia song mp3 full quality download


Uploaded by: Joey Stux
Duration: 3:12
Views: 1050997
Favorites: 13951
Genre: Deep House
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