Khiyo - Amar Shonar Bangla


Khiyo is officially releasing its first track on 26th March, Bangladesh Independence Day. Listen and share, thankyoupleaseverymuch! Amar Shonar Bangla Words and Melody: Rabindranath Tagore Arrangement by Alam / Weeks Vocals: Sohini Alam Acoustic Guitar: Oliver Weeks Double Bass: Ben Hillyard Drums: Derek Scurll Tabla: Hassan Mohyeddin Viola: Danyal Dhondy Engineered by Ben Hillyard at the Cellar, Frome, Andy Ramsay at Press Play Studio, London and Yohei Sasaki at The London School of Sound. Mixed and Mastered by Yohei Sasaki ( Look us up on Facebook: Please note that this free download is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.


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Genre: Bengali
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