Lovely Hurling


collected thoughts from hurlers anonymous cant bait the hurling, going upto the park in the evening for a puck around, no better feelin, down to the local for a few pints and a couple of smhokes. I was markin a sticky corner back the other night, scored 1-2 off him and knocked him on his arse twice the cunt.. The ploughing is some job, all the best hurleys in the one place, sher i got my canning up there last year and shes still in one piece, some wand boy , Wouldnt ya love to burst that fucker in the pink boots I got mu first hurl in lifestyle sports when i wass 6, wore it off a young lad at training and had to change clubs I dream of the day i get to lift the liam mccarthy, Junior hulring is some laugh bois, it just constant beering, went to a macth the other weekedn and the warm up was a can of cider and a fag Jaysus i fuckin love puvking the ball against the wall training on a sunday morning does some wonders for a hangover, have ya ready to go boozing again straight away On a drinking ban i cant lad sorry winning the county final was class, some buzz around the town and the local does be mobbed when the cup appears, it’s nice to give back to the community


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