DJ Dash 慢摇 Manyao (Chinese Dance Hits) BEST of 2k17


Due to the high demand request of Chinese Dance Hits (慢摇 Manyao). Here you go people! 1 hour manyao exclusive BEST of 2k17. Download is available, download it to ur USB or phone to listen it anytime anywhere. Cheers! Do remember to follow and hit a like on my fan page as well Download link - __Tracklist__ 杨宗纬 & 张碧晨 - 凉凉 周杰伦 - 明明就 庄心妍 - 走着走着就散了 齐晨 - 咱们结婚吧 JC - 說散就散 代理仁 - 走了就别后悔 六哲 - 毕竟深爱过 蒋雪儿 - 爱河 莊心妍 - 兩個人的回憶一個人過 (DJ Sulaiman feat. DJ Dash HandsUp Remix) 大壯 - 我們不一樣 柯以敏_-刚好遇见你 (DJ Sulaiman feat. DJ Dash HandsUp Remix) 赵鑫 - 许多年以后


Uploaded by: DJ Dash SG
Duration: 59:26
Views: 336096
Favorites: 4822
Genre: Dance & EDM
Download: Click here!


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