Damn Bro Feat. Shing02 (Prod. Rcycld.matrl)


Lyrics: (Hook) when people act dumb and your eyes roll back and you see your own brain and it makes you wanna say damn bro when the world straight sucks and you're running outta luck just flush it down the drain and learn how to say damn bro (Scholar) Working hurtin searching you know I be up on my damn flow But it's like I got a target on my back when you react you blast like Rambo Damn bro I understand though Nothing's good enough Quit the bitching I'm up in the kitchen always cooking up Never really good with love I found out Life just ain't my Mrs. She's just ratchet on her snap chat busy taking pictures And so I grab her by the horns hit it Change positions Living is like women don't you listen to those basic bitches But holy shit the moment that I think I got it Is the moment when she bucks me off I'm back to where I started With my pockets fuckin empty And my friends be Chugging hards with All the bars we spitting plenty Just accepting where we are and that's that Hook (Shing02) you’ve made your bed, now you sleep in it init so ironic that I bought that sheets that we sandwiched the love in between and the fiend in me can’t get enough of that Eeny, meeny but the miney moe is a mighty foe formidable indomitable hannibal in a rendezvous with honey-boo-boo and the spell that she cast is a dark voodoo darker than the chocolate with a 100 cacao I wanna transfer my funds to another account I don’t care if it’s pronounced peecan or pekan yes we can and we did but why I can’t recollect she wanted the salad as a dish with a side of fillet it’s a dead kinda face with the same feeling it was appealing at first but second base wasn’t worth stealing instead I sacrificed myself took a shower, and left the building never to turn back before my number retired, well then


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Genre: Hip-hop & Rap
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