Rihanna Nothing is promised


Aint none of this shit promised aint none of this promised (X2) Im just trynna chase dollaz be fucking up commas Three hundred on dash speeding we fast, wiplash Nigga Im counting this Cash if niggaz A ask we flash Niggaz My niggaz will Mask my nigga will mask and Blast Niggaz whats up in my glass? Dont worry whats up in my glass nigga! (Yeah) Porche got no Key so its push to start. (Aye) Riding O.T Going right back to the North Im Smoking, Im Smoking, Im smoking im Lost These Nigga Be Fronting, These Niggaz Be Bitches These Nigga Is Soft. [CHORUS][CHORUS][CHORUS] [VERSE2] Yeah, Fuck a Bitch than we past My nigga be Drip water whippin the Nash Niggaz sell Lips for a living we laugh I get a 4 Box than I Bury the stash I be from the Six where some nigga wont last Niggaz turn Bitch thats the shit I wont have Thats the Shit I wont Have Catch Him On The Ave Ill make him do Backflips (Yeah) My Niggaz Be Drilling Pop up with the Tactics Barrel Be spinning Knock him out the Atlas Turn these Bitches to Bastards We Killing We Killing We Killing These Rappers Nigga I Am Your Master, Nigga I Am Your Master Send you to your Pastor


Uploadat de: North Kargo
Duratie: 2:44
Vizuălizari: 4958
Like-uri: 49
Gen: Hip-hop & Rap
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