B R 1 0 0 2 - Mr & Miss Esin (Original Mix)


Spectral Rebel 006: B R 1 0 0 2 - Sinister Assault EP Spectral Rebel welcomes to B R 1 0 0 2 for the sixth release, the two young producers who, beyond a gentle visage, hide an extreme techno side. The title, "Sinister Assault", is the proof of that! "Mr & Miss Esin" is not a love affair, as the title could suggest, but it's a rhythmic and growing intensity piece with some acidic repetitive patterns. The distortions are the icing on the cake. "1100010001" can be defined as the manifesto of the raw-est sounds. The metallic vocal opens to a powerful track, with no place for sentimentalism. The echo of the industrial noise is remarkable also in "Rechted", the third track of this EP, and it's an intense recall to the acid grooves too. The breaking point of "Sinister Assault" is "Sferiche Opzioni". It's the perfect trip for the mind, leaving the imagination in idyllic soundscapes. A musthave for your library. B R 1 0 0 2 - MR & MISS ESIN B R 1 0 0 2 - 1100010001 B R 1 0 0 2 - RECHTED B R 1 0 0 2 - Sferiche Opzioni Release date: 01/08/2016 Buy in on Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/sinister…sault-ep/1802898 Support from: Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Marcel Dettmann, Raffaele Attanasio, Perc, Abstract Division, RVDE, WirrWarr, Audiomatiques, Markantonio, Astrea, Andrea Frisina, Lee Holman, Marco Bruno, Dj Hildegard, Beat Movement, Oliver Fandino, Boston 168, Dj Datch, Concept of Thrill, D-Leria, Joaquin Ruiz, Bodyscrub, Stefano Infusino, Electrorities, Gery Otis and others.


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Genre: Techno
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