Alex Cruz - Deep & Sexy Podcast #26 (Rio Olympics)


Follow the Deep & Sexy playlist on Spotify: Good morning!! Please find here my Deep & Sexy Podcast #26! This is my Rio 2016 edition. I played 5 events in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics and this podcast is a selection of the finest tracks which I played there. It was such a privilege to be able to play, on my day of arrival, for about 3000 people at a beautiful castle. Rushing in to get in time I finally arrived a few minutes after midnight, I was supposed to start at midnight. So coming there, the promoter said, well…..maybe wait for a little longer cause then the place is totally filled up since I was there headliner. After a few times:’aaaah, wait a little longer’, I started my set at 01:30. But….it was worth the wait. What a crowd and what a joy and excitement on the floor! My friend from New York, Kung Pow Meow also arrived so he was able to shoot some crazy footage of it, check my Facebook page for the video of that event. Furthermore I played for the United Nations/Unicef for their official ’Refugee House’. I played at the official Dutch ‘Heineken House’, the Olympic Village and at a private mansion. Apart from that I am a huge sports fanatic, love doing sports myself, so I had a wonderful time in Rio de Janeiro. I hope you enjoy it, it has some more intensive energetic tracks to it than you’re used to hear. So let me know your thoughts! Till soon! And a download is available again on my Facebook page: Ate logo, beijo! Alex


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