Drake - One Dance (SLTRY Remix) [Blak Trash Vocal Flip] **Buy=free dl**


"That's why I need a one dance Got a Hennessy in my hand One more time 'fore I go" A special shout out to @blaktrash Connect Black Trash || @blaktrash || https://www.instagram.com/caymass/ || https://twitter.com/blaktrash || http://blaktrash.tumblr.com/ || https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEpowSo9u-Bc9M0uS_O3eZw/videos Connect II @twilightnotes II facebook.com/TwilightNotes II youtube.com/twilightnotes II twitter.com/twilightnotes


Uploaded by: Tropical Friends
Duration: 4:47
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Genre: Dance & EDM
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