Roniit X Trivecta - Through The Night


Watch the music video here: Through the Night is a song about the second phase of grief - Denial. I was grieving for lost love at the time of writing it and wondering why I hadn't moved on. I started researching the grief process and realized I was still in denial. Still thinking I could go back - stuck on loop. As I started researching it and creating a world we imagined snow, ice, cold, dreams, hallucinations, and delusions and created the visuals before the lyrics were even done. The result was a cohesive audio/visual project between myself, Trivecta, and Director Everett Lee-Sung that feels more real than anything I've ever done in the past. Follow Trivecta: @trivectamusic Follow Roniit: @roniitmusic Released February 11, 2016 Written By: Roniit Alkayam & Brennan Strawn (of Monarch @monarchofficial) Produced By: Sam Dobkin aka Trivecta Vocal Production: Roniit Concept: Roniit & Everett Lee-Sung Album Art: Hannah Purmort


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