Wild City #103 - Aniruddh Menon


Bangalore based Aniruddh Menon, known best for his work with Machli and newly formed label Consolidate compiles a selection of unreleased material for Wild City Mix #103. Menon launched his eponymous solo project last year with his impressive first EP ‘Another Summer’. However, the first time we heard of him was when he still played with Musharraf Shaikh, Sandhya Visvanathan and Maitreya Mer with Machli, a band, which despite splitting up (hopefully temporarily), remains one of out favourites to this date. The odd Bollywood samples, unhurried mood and moody synths carried over from Machli to Menon’s solo work; most recently on ‘Ugh’ - his single on Consolidate’s debut LP ‘FRNDS &FMLY 2016’. If you’re a stickler for genres, his beat driven, sample heavy music has been described as 'left-field instrumental hip hop' by Consolidate’s label founder, Rahul Giri. Aniruddh Menon’s debut full length released titled ‘Love Songs’ will be released via Consolidate “soon”. To tide us over, the musician has put together a collection of unreleased material that didn’t make the final cut. For a tracklist and further info, head over here: http://www.thewildcity.com/EN/music.xhtml/article/9243-wild-city-103-aniruddh-menon


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