Excision & Dion Timmer - Africa


Excision & Dion Timmer "Africa" available now on Dion Timmer's "Plug Me In" EP Buy/Support/Stream: iTunes: www.hive.co/l/plug-me-in-itunes Beatport: www.hive.co/l/plug-me-in-beatport Spotify: www.hive.co/l/plug-me-in-spotify Apple Music: www.hive.co/l/plug-me-in-apple-music Amazon: www.hive.co/l/plug-me-in-amazon GooglePlay: www.hive.co/l/plug-me-in-googleplay Excision Tour dates, tickets, and merch are available at www.excision.ca Dion Timmer: @diontimmer www.facebook.com/diontimmermusic www.twitter.com/diontimmermusic Excision: YouTube: www.youtube.com/Excisionofficial Facebook: www.facebook.com/Excision Twitter: www.twitter.com/Excision Web: www.excision.ca


Uploaded by: Excision
Duration: 4:03
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Genre: dubstep
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