Volt & State - Sandcastles (SLTRY Remix)[FREE DOWNLOAD]


I'm so grateful for the opportunity to remix one of my favourite tracks! In this remix I changed the vibe into what I associate with the song and the Lyrics and how I feel end expirience it. I had a good time remixing it, hope you like it ! :) FREE DOWNLOAD: https://www.hive.co/l/f5wr You can vote for it here: https://wavo.me/voltandstate/sandcastles-remix-competition/volt_state_sandcastles_sltry_remix_free_download__15766165724810000?u=54b049741b4cddda240009a1&s=YoCTiIFBZeD7Ih3G48bR2iYEW68&v=1


Uploaded by: SLTRY
Duration: 4:38
Views: 1778
Favorites: 69
Genre: Future Bass
Download: Not available


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