Alex Cruz - Deep & Sexy Podcast #22


Follow the Deep & Sexy playlist on Spotify: Hello music lovers and fans, this is my 22nd Deep & Sexy Podcast! I would like to thank you all for giving me the inspiration during my trips to record new songs and podcasts. Playing live for you guys is such an amazing feeling! All the communal love and energy I see during my shows is mind-blowing. So thank you for showing and sharing this with me. This podcast I’d like to dedicate to two people. First one is my mom. She is not here anymore but today was her birthday. So this is something for me to celebrate. The second person I’d like to dedicate this podcast to is, let’s call her ‘M’. I met her last week and I want to give her, through this podcast, new energy and positivity, cause she is going through a big challenging time in life right now. And of course all of you, enjoy this 22nd chapter and let me know if you like it! ❤️ Hasta la vista! Alex Free download: spotify:


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