Fallout 4 - Full Diamond City Radio Playlist


Here the full Diamond City Radio Playlist of Fallout 4. Enjoy the music! I don't know about you but I enjoy the game very much. For me it looks like Fallout, it feels like Fallout, it plays like Fallout. I feel at home. Now I have the urge to play it, gonna expand my shelters, brb. Edit1: Hey guys, I'm happy that you enjoy it so much. My quota is full on my account on soundcloud so I can't upload any songs anymore. If you enjoy those kind of playlists I invite you to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel as it is my main channel/website where I upload new songs/playlists from my collection quite regularly :) Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn8RDcIEX-iqgDq_dnotj2g Have a nice day!


Uploaded by: Geek Orchestra
Duration: 102:14
Views: 949037
Favorites: 20452
Genre: fallout
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