Vicetone - I'm On Fire (Mr Conquest Edit) Discover Tunes Exclusive


We're proud to present you the Mr Conquest edit of "I'm On Fire" by Vicetone as our first Exclusive! Artwork credits: Follow Mr Conquest: ► ► ► Follow Discover Tunes: ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Follow Vicetone: ► ► ► ► Feedback: Eric Rodriguez: Pretty nice edit, but in my opinion the bass should be higher and also it needs a fatter sub bass. Joachim Speidel: support homie this is sick. Downloaded! Jakik: sickkkkk man love this Masterblast: Cool edit! Keep sending me your music! :p I am Sid: cool dude! SaberZ: this is dope, thanks for sending!! Steve Tronex: Really cool bro! Love it!!! Moe Aly: Sounds good bro GMR: Nice work Royal & Mighty: Dude, nice drop! but I think bass line on the breakdown does not sound as good as it could be may be you could try bay changing the notes VMK: Great bootleg !!! Like how you made that kind of drop for a progressive house track ! :) AndreOne: Cool edit, i like it! Maybe try to add more power on the lead drop :) Arin Tone: I'm sticking to the original one sorry ;) Rulezz: Really cool edit!! Support! Cody Holmes: Dope edit man! Feeling this one! Loreno Mayer: Dope! Steen: Great mix! Helio Kiyoshi: Great edit bro! Rowen Reecks: Dope idea! Mixdown could be a bit better tho! Mavz: Nice track mate, full support! APATO: I like it man! Great work, this would go off live Kerafix & Vultaire: Super awesome men Danilo Farias: Really like it :) full support on it!! Djs From Mars: Nice Remix! Donhowe: Nice edit! J-Voltage: Sick edit! :) Tony Junior: It’s really good, but the lowest bass should be 1 octave higher SAG: Love this, maybe u can add more bass to the drops and the intro. <3 Dynastrax: well done! but it needs eq ANG: Hey nice edit good job Download for free on The Artist Union


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Duration: 3:54
Views: 32750
Favorites: 850
Genre: Vicetone
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