Chris Brown Feat. Tyga - Ayo (South Hudson Remix)


Download via Bandcamp: Toneden (WAV): --- We have decided to continue our "Fuck Soundcloud" series thanks to being privileged enough to lose a second account on the platform. After losing two consecutive accounts at 5000 followers a piece, in the space of a year, we are experiencing stunts in our growth and it is becoming increasingly difficult to share our culture. We are saddened by the current state of account removals from the platform. Soundcloud has played a pivotal role in shaping the current Club music sound, and the current corner the platform has backed itself into concerns us. Soundcloud has built a strong user-base in the Electronic music community, a large part of which is made up of mixes, remixes and edits, so the war Soundcloud is waging on these is suppressing creativity and has naturally resulted in a drought of content. Whilst we certainly believe artists rights need to be protected, a middle ground needs to be found. Major Labels, who are coercing Soundcloud, should not have ultimate power to dictate which cultures belong on the internet, which to an extent is what is happening, with mass copyright removals from Soundcloud and YouTube censoring entire musical sub-cultures. Until a solution is found, we would like to raise a huge middle finger, to Soundcloud and to the Major Labels.


Duration: 3:07
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