Have A Dream


L I N K - T O - F U L L - A L B U M: https://mcl-albums.bandcamp.com/album/dreams L Y R I C S: (Verse 1) Sick of all the non-sense - an all the bulshit is it really that common - to act childish If it really is then - I’m outta this world with the moon an the sun - with the stars an the comets Gotta make a move - an I can’t take a break feeling like a fool - when your fake - go an hide your face bitches so rude - need a slap - an a lil taste whatchu gon do? - rain hell - on my pearly gates? Ok - great - eliminate - all the hate - on my plate on my way - hear me say - Can I get another order feelin’ fly - who am I - I am me - who i’ll be Watch me climb - up so high - smoking on this marijuana (Chorus) I - Have a dream - Where I Live - an I breath But I’m - stuck in-between - where I am - an where I’ll be (Verse 2) Show em what you got kid - never quit This life’s all you got shit - go an live don worry bout me - give a (fuck) about you That’s way it’s gonna be - that’s the way it… is follow dreams with the chance life give hit a couple keys drop the snare then the kick flowing harmony when this white boy spit music - i ain’t the one to spoil it it’s the shit - it’s a gift - it’s more than just a riff food for the soul - when I’m feel in real low got sum else lit - if you catching my drift keep it on the low - ain’t nobody gotta know what it is (Chorus) (Verse 3) you ever been stuck like “what the fuck!” Feelin’ like the good life - won’t come an everything you pushed - won’t budge Read about hindsight - you’ll overcome everything to come - imma keep on wishin’ on the stars after sun - keep seeing my vision see my dream vivid - not the inside of a prison Make the competition run - I dun need a gun spitten imma get it - imma take number one Imma live it - live it like no one Imma menace - better keep yo goods hidden out fo this lettuce - won’t stop till I’m finished Yeah! (Chorus) x2 C R E D I T S: from DREAMS, released 01 January 2015 Lyrics Written by MCL (Matthew Lams) Instrumentals, Engineering, Mixing & Mastering & Cover Design by Lamz (Matthew Lams)


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