Michael Price – The Attachment


'Entanglement' is out on Erased Tapes. Order the album on CD/LP/DL: http://www.erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP067 Or via iTunes: http://geni.us/entanglementitunes “No click tracks, no headphones, and no film. Just the spontaneity of performance and the sound of musicians hearing, connecting and responding.” ‘Entanglement’, the debut album by Michael Price fulfils his long-term desire to explore new musical territories, featuring Michael on the piano, with the addition of cello, soprano voice, string orchestra, modular synth, tape effects and electronics. Throughout the record you will hear street sounds from 'Budapest' captured and processed on Michael’s mobile phone, as well as chamber music recorded direct to tape with vintage microphones in single takes. Album track ‘The Attachment’ was partly recorded onto a 1940s magnetic disc recorder, which immediately connected the piece back to a pre-digital musical age. The cello and soprano vocal parts throughout the album were written specifically and directly for cellist Peter Gregson and vocalist Ashley Knight, whose expressive voice features on tracks ‘Maitri‘ and ‘The Uncertainly Principle‘. The lyrics for both songs are Japanese poetry sung in English, dealing with age, loss and the inevitable fading of beauty. ‘Entanglement’ was written over a period of two years on paper and by hand with Michael exploring oldest and newest technology at Abbey Road Studios and Snap Studios in London, before most of the recording and mixing took place at Vox-Ton in Berlin. “I wanted to make an album that sounded like a dark, Berlin record store discovery from the 30s. Something that had timeless emotive power, and pre-digital rawness. Something that I hope would make a deeper connection in superficially networked times. I think there is a duty for artists to be honest, and vulnerable. Because then there is a possibility of real connection. Entanglement is both honest and vulnerable and to go through the two year process of writing, refining and recording an album has been more intense and more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined. Entanglement is a very personal expression of my obsessions: music, love, physics and the inter-connectedness of things. There is structure and freedom, chaos and control, and the beauty of ancient instruments set against impassive machines." – Michael Price ABOUT THE ARTWORK: Resembling the inter-connecting parts, the cover art for ‘Entanglement’ was created by South London artist Supermundane, with the packaging’s layout done by long-term Erased Tapes-collaborator Torsten Posselt at FELD in Berlin. TRACK LISTING: 1. Tape Overture 2. Easter 3. Little Warm Thing 4. Budapest 5. The Attachment 6. Maitri 7. Digital Birds 8. The Uncertainty Principle 9. Entanglement erasedtapes.com · michaelpricemusic.com


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