TFI Royal Sessions with 'Switch Klay'


TFI Royal Sessions with 'Switch Klay' as played on Tenzi.Fm 29/06/2014 Tracklisting :- 01. Sun Shadow - Dissolving Who We Are (Switch Klay's Gayatri Mantra Kick Off Add-Edit) 02. E-mantra - Searching Ganesha (Switch Klay's Journey to Goa Trip Insert) 03. DJ Berik - Russian enterprise in India (Switch Klay's firangi does'nt know Goa) 04. Goasia - Transonic Fields (Switch Klay's Goa 1000 Khao) 05. Om mantra (Switch Klay's Indian Mantra Goa for Infinity) 06. E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru (Switch Klay's Direct Space Connect) 07. Filteria - Stars (Starstuff Remix) (Switch Klay's Ear Drill Hypnotism) 08. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins (Switch Klay's Nervous Disorder Reframe) 09. Astral Projection - Mahadeva (Switch Klay's Har Har Mahadev Trip) 10. Basic Gravity - Rajah (Switch Klay's King down the space ride) 11. Moonweed - Telepathy (Switch Klay's Final TFI Teleporting Trip)


Uploadat de: tranceforinfinity
Duratie: 59:45
Vizuălizari: 891
Like-uri: 37
Gen: Trance
Descărcare: Not available


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