“Ghetto”, the first single from the forthcoming Uptown Energy compilation album highlights the direction and ambition of the popular clique founded in Tema whilst acknowledging the unique experiences of ghetto life. Yaa Pono’s advice (directed to the youth) on this track explores the importance of not allowing anyone the opportunity to ‘dull your shine’ despite your circumstances. The various members of Uptown Energy, originally all lived in the newly built Golf City, a suburb of Tema, Greater Accra. Coming together firstly as friends in a new environment, and with a shared passion for music, especially hip hop and dancehall; Uptown Energy is made up of a dynamic group of talented young men. The aim of the clique is to promote and direct ghetto youth to achieve their goals by studying, working hard and remaining dedicated to their chosen field. The first Uptown Energy compilation album “The Train” is due for general release in the near future. Music Production: Kin Dii Uptown Energy Clique Members Agyen Kay Doppy Green Glenn Jebidie Joe Black Kwabota Ohene Amoako Okotoepue Raz King Shuga Kwame Screech Skutasas Tha Black Boi Yaa Pono 


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