IM033 - Gaetano C & DePandis - SAW ON FIRE EP Incl. Rini Shkembi Remix


IM033 - Gaetano C, DePandis - Saw On Fire EP Incl. Rini Shkembi Remix - Innocent Music Coming out 28th of April exclusively on Beatport! Played: East End Dubs plays Rini Shkembi Remix at Magna Carta London April 18th! Supported: Paco Osuna - Downloaded. Thx! East End Dubs - Will check them out, thanks. Anthony Pappa - Cool EP. Thanks. Chad Andrew - Saw is great thanks! Alfred Azzetto - Solid ...i will try it out Wade - Nice stuffs 3 Channels - On fire is cool! thanks! Stacey Pullen - Cool thanks Horatio - Cool ep Gonzalez & Gonzalo - Great ep from this guys! quality! Support! Sebastian Paiza - Nice release,On Fire Original and Rini Shkembi Remix for me :) Kuo Climax - Forth share my favorite! Medu - I like Rini Shkembi remix! Re-Up - Thanks :) Medeew - Big pack, will play the full ep! Saso Recyd - Great ep, Love the Rini remix too Reelow - Raw and Raw rmx very nice. Thank You! Nadja Lind - Nice. thanks for the music Sebastian Paiza - Nice release,On Fire Original and Rini Shkembi Remix for me :) Sami Wentz - Great, thx Duky - Rini remix is smooth! thanks! Shaf Huse - Really like this EP!! Dirty Culture - Thanks! Dimitri Monev - On fire is my pick!! support Figueroa & Obando - On Fire is Bomb, support. Bollen & Fichtner - Cool release, all tracks are good Martin Dacar - Innocent style at its best! NIck Daring - Saw! Alex Fuente - Great ep for my friend DePandis, support and thx for the promo ;) Ra.Pu & Nekow - Perfect release, thanks! Alex Ground - Thanks Dean Barred - Top tracks! Lillo - Forth share!! download for me set... support Spencer K - Will play On fire, thanks! Cicuendez - On Fire & Rini Shkembi Remix, for me, thanks! Mr. Deka - Always good music ! tnx guys .. support Rini rmx ;) Robert Apodaca - Great ep thank you will play all of the tracks Michael Rosa - On fire Mauro Alpha - Saw original for warm up thx Jack & I - Very nice! Great tracks all :) Emiliano Ferreyra - Forth share and on fire are incredibles ! Lori J Ward - Wonderful! White Brothers - Nice Ep!! Thx for the music, support! Thomas A.S. - Nice , thank you Tracklist: 1. Gaetano C, DePandis - Forth Share (Original Mix) 2. Gaetano C, DePandis - Saw (Original Mix) 3. Gaetano C, DePandis - On Fire (Original Mix) 4. Gaetano C, DePandis - Saw (Rini Shkembi Remix)


Uploaded by: Innocent Music
Duration: 14:56
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Genre: Gaetano C
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