Sunona Sangmarmar Mashup -- ( Dj Rizwan Spinzstylz)


DJ RIZWAN A Mumbai based - DJ /Remixer / Producer . Heis eXperimeNtal … He is the uNique oNe out … He is Numero UNo by himself … He is ''RIZWAN'' He is Dj RIZWAN "EN” joy life “N”ache le with Dj Rizwan.... Dj Rizwan Spinzstylz Discography: -->A bit about - "The DJBoy"<-- Most people dream, some attempt to pursue their dreams, but few peopleactually get to live them. Born and raised in Mumbai (India), this former highschool kid was determined to turn his late high school DJ’ing hobby into hisdream job, and that’s exactly what he’s done. While his journey as a DJ began, hemixed at local schools, house parties & surrounding clubs all through hishigh school years and beyond. He quickly became a favorite DJ in India. For DJRIZWAN life is one grand, sweet song… so… “Just Start the Music”. He believesthat the world is full of music, and you simply take as much as you require…that is why his music speaks more than his words!!! His music screams at youwith a passion, commitment, dedication, focus, drive and energy. Counted as one of the mostsuccessful DJ and one of the India’s youngest producers, he is all set toenrich the world with his amazing talent. You may be listening to music all thetime but with him you can really taste it. DJ’ing has always been a passion forhim and he was exposed to musicality from a very tender age. There’s so muchgood music out there and he doesn’t wants him to limit himself to just a singlestyle. His masterpieces are stillresonating through million hearts around the globe. His skills in this art arefitted perfectly in his music. Last few years have been all about DJ'ing andProduction for him. RIZWAN has continued ruling over underground music that hasmade him the heart throb of the nation. With 7 years under his belt &the uncanny ability to reinvent his image and his style with the ever changingtrends in music, DJ RIZWAN continues to prove why he one of the best DJ’s inIndia. He released 2 editions of his album ; 1. Rework 2012. 2. Endless journey. He combines Bollywood Remixes, UK Punjabi, Dutch House and Commercial Housein one entertaining cross-over which gives his sets plenty of positive energy.His Music sets are played globally by various Deejays in India, Sri Lanka,Canada, South Africa, US, U.K. Bahrain and Dubai. RIZWAN is heralded for hisunique perception and ability to create accessible yet innovative initiatives.Constantly generating new ideas and developing groundbreaking concepts, 2011has already been a landmark year for RIZWAN and he looks forward to a series ofexciting new projects and initiatives that lie ahead. His inspirations included - Arminvan Buuren, DJ Chuckie, David Guetta, Afrojack and Tiesto, skrillex, Hardwell,Tomy Trash, nicky Reomero, Avicii. Either you hear RIZWAN playing insmall clubs or on big outdoor events, you can be sure that he throws a ragingparty! His popularity is emphasized by a positive relaxed performance behindthe DJ console completed with spontaneous and active communication with hisaudience. He’ll soon be there in your city…so… listen up and watch out people!! Genresof DJ RIZWAN SpinzStylz Hip Hop | E D M | Bollywood Remixes | UKPunjabi | Commercial House | Dutch House | DubStep | Progressive House | Occationally Trance ... Has performed at a Pub's / Club's like - · The Club ( Mumbai ) · Firangi Paani Rest-o-Pub ( Mumbai ) · Irish Pub ( Mumbai ) · Madness Pub ( Mumbai ) · Slice Of Lime - Pub ( Mumbai ) · Fever Pub ( Mumbai ) · On-Toes Pub ( Mumbai ) · Rude Loungz ( Mumbai ) As he always says “ITS ALL ABOUT THEMUSIC”… For Bookings: Email: / Call: +91- 9930059739. External Links:- Bollywood Remixes : Soundcloud :'


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Gen: mashup
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