Tobu - Colors (Vocal Mix) (Vocal: Hayley Williams)


PLEASE BE SURE NOT TO USE THIS FOR YOUR VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. I know my music has always been for free, but i can't give any guarantees when i use vocals that i don't own. So it is ONLY FOR LISTENING! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the music! You can freely use my instrumental version of "Colors" though. :) I've been getting extremely great support and positive feedback on my latest release "Colors", so I decided to add some vocals to it. Although, they are not original, but taken from Zedd's and Hayley Williams song "Stay The Night", it went together so well, I couldn't resist publishing vocal mix of Colors. Hope you enjoy! Tobu: Follow me on Spotify: Check my iTunes: ### FREE download: ### Zedd: Hayley Williams: Artwork by SKL PRODUCTIONS: Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (Tobu Remix) Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (Tobu Bootleg) Tobu - Colors (Vocal Mix) (feat. Hayley Williams)


Uploaded by: Tobu
Duration: 3:58
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Genre: Melodic
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