Abel Chungu - Ichitemwiko (www.google.com/+CTA101)


Abel Chungu - Ichitemwiko Album - Love Unleashed (Release Date 14/02/14) CTA - Cleaning The Airwaves http://google.com/+CTA101 Why Ichitemwiko someone may ask? Why a love song? Because I've realized how easy it is to love God. He loves back with no withdraws, He doesn't judge us and will always be there. Yet humans are not God, they mess up, they cheat, they break our hearts and are rarely merciful. Yet our perfect God Loves us. If we are to learn how to really love, then its time to learn how to love others like we do ourselves. Only when we are face to face with imperfection can we know the value of perfection. and only then can we understand Gods Love. Even He says "you cant hate your neighbor yet say you love God" 1st John 4:20. Which is why this song is personal to the ones who just cant get it right, the ones who are still learning the ropes, the ones thankful to have someone who loves them even when they feel they don't deserve the love. The ones under Grace. This is the story of the Church and the savior who never stops loving Her no matter what. This is ICHITEMWIKO! #CTA101


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