performance of Zid (2013) for choir (SATB), on a poem by Vasko Popa (1922-1991). dedicated to, and performed by Haarlem Voices, composition by me. Zid (The Wall) Oči u oči sa zidom (Eye in eye with the wall) Nisam ni lep ni ružan (I am neither beautiful nor ugly) Lica nemam (I have no face) Prsa u prsa sa zidom (Chest to chest with the wall) Nisam ni jak ni slab (I am neither strong nor weak) Iskustva nemam (I have no experience) Lice u lice sa zidom (Face to face with the wall) Nisam ni dobar ni rđav (I am neither good nor awful) Sam sam (I am alone) I ti (And you) Sa kosom kiše i jabučicama vetra (With rainy hair and piercing wind) I ti se vrati (And you turn back) Zašto mi se javljaš (Why do you appear to me) U letovima leptira od kreča (In the flight of butterflies of chalk) Ovde sam bez srca (Here I am without a heart) Pred zidom (Against the wall) I ja postajem zid (And I become a wall)


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